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Friday, January 16, 2009

Excerpt from blog: Gangstalking-'State control and conformity'

Again the TI who writes this blog has stayed the course and keeps drawing attention to things that are important. 'Gangstalking' is all over the internet all the time working and I see this TI on all sorts of threads getting right in there and fighting.

Reading this..and only after reading this could I write anything relevant. I personally am struggling alot lately. It is very cold here and I can just guess why I didnt leave when really I wanted to 2 months ago.

I am slowly getting mind controlled into staying here and thinking that I am getting alot done. No...the PERPS are getting alot done with behavior modification on me here in Boston. I have been warned repeatedly. I was told by a stranger that Boston has more experimentation going on than any other state other than Maryland...dont know how true the comparison is and I have heard Cali is just awful but I KNOW this is true..but I just cant control myself anymore. My Willpower is shot. And I KNOW from being here before that MA has this thing unique to it that really supresses the Willpower. That its almost impossible to turn thought into action here. That there is a brain drain here for me where whatever I am working on mentally just gets drained in mid thought, that I cant remember what I was thinking about mid sentence or mid thought. I cannot work here on anything JUST LIKE IN 2005. I had to leave MA just to get paperwork done for a lawsuit it was so bad.
Its becuz I know how humane Boston is compared to other states with this system. I know here I will be modified into a zombie, but most likely one with a straight job who as long as she behaves and becomes a conservative mousy person may have a chance of being left alone. Life as a zombie, if you are scared and terrorized enough,your instinct to survive will take over and its better to survive that way than die horribly somewhere where they will outright kill you using this system MORE violently (like St. Louis for instance).

I cannot get out of here. Watch, I wont leave at the beginning of next month. I notice too the targeting is less so when I have money. I spent so easily at the beginning of the month then later I get slammed with being targeted.
Older TI's were right. The tech is worse and it gets worse with time. Only if you do what is demanded of you will you get relief.

I am being so tortured into silence lately. Silenced, about what is being done to me and what has happened to me all throughout.
I thank the other TI's for keeping up the postings, for continuing.

NOW as for this vid. Very good job Gangstalking. With Bush going out there is a danger of the public thinking that all this type of crap is over now.

If he is from Iraq as a vet there is legit concern. My grandfather a Marine with compartmentalized memories of war, and I have studied Vietnam a bit. I get it and this is what we need to know about these soldiers coming home: What kind of things were they asked to do and what was done to them? Compare this to what went in wars prior and culturally how different is this from 1) what they are used to 2) what they are coming home to. How well will they adapt back into the enviroment and also what kinds of deprogramming/healing are they going to give these men...and what kinds of meds for PTSD? Every war produces different kinds of damaged people who come home to be among us again. I was hoping that everything is so advanced now that we will really be prepared to help them have quality lives when they settle back in here.

HOWEVER: I dont think anyone fully understood Vietnam vets until later and still in the 80's and through the 70's when they were snapping no one got it still. This was one of the worst due to gureilla warfare that the men were not prepped for. It wasnt exactly publicized that is what we were dealing with later.

IF what is being done to us over here has been done to soldiers- implants, remote influence, mind control through chemicals, and adult tbmc (opposed to from birth) then we do have worries if its ongoing. And this is something the public is not versed in or told about. Again.

And it is somewhat logical that his hands were cuffed due to them not moving but moreso is that this man was not armed nor in a position to warrant being shot. Was the shooting officer shocked by his own behavior? When officers are under stress I dont know how it really is for them I assume thier training takes over, but could remote influence (or worse a post hypnotic suggestion) come into power when someone's brain is chemically changed due to the process of stress?

We should also be asking if this victim knew anything or covert reasons he may have been shot, even though the officers may have not known anything themselves, or did they?

Also this is the PROPER USE OF CELL PHONES FOR SPYING. THIS IS WHAT GEN X WAS DOING IN THE EARLY 90'S TRYING TO GET EVERYONE TO EXPOSE CORRUPTION WITH HAND CAMS AND USED AS PROTECTION AGAINST HARASSMENT. Stop using them for gang stalking and bullying people. You suck if you do. I am proud of the person who took this and want them to know that if they start getting harassed that this is the price you may pay for freedom fighting nowadays.
And how pathetic is the new anchor that says you may want to turn away. Yeah, we need more people turing away from exposing screw ups. Actually now I think about it, its kind of a mind control tactic that tells the sub mind of the viewer to turn away from seeing corruption or paying any attention to anything like this.

By the way the 25 million dollar lawsuit is going to make people hate you. Which in the big picture is going work in the systems favor.

What they should show is protests, riots and that noise from onlookers after this happened they dont do they? No, becuz they want you to focus on the oppresors and thier actions which are meant to make you feel that facsism is here to stay and this is the way you will be treated and you cannot question it. Showing reaction would be paying attention to The People and that is not something we have seen done and The People's protests have not been respected in years. For every kid like this, the same police force will protect criminals way worse than him, for a good price and favors. I know that from first hand experience.

What I really appreciate about this post is it gives me more insight into my own case.
There were these perps in AZ who kept talking about Ashburgers symdrome..This guy in Phoenix said he had it. He claimed that he liked to draw alot and that was a syptom of Asheburgers. Then he said something about being known for something to do with little boys back in NY. I dont know if that was for me, or if he was trying to freak me out with why he has to gangstalk people to avoid prosecution.
Then these two women, in the same place, were talking about Ashburgers and they said things like having a high sex drive is part of having it.(This is not the first time that my sexuality was picked on for some reason.) What are the chances of two groups of people refering to that in a 24 hour period?
I looked up Ashburgers and found it was some shrink came up with it and it really did not relate to it was just taken up and used to invent this disorder as the psych world does sometimes.

All I know is it was another pathetic attempt to cover for me having high level programming and being a survivor of tbmc. The perps are extremely viscous. They are so inhumane and so into destroying a person ongoing that I can only assume THEY are programmed and dont even know it or that they are under remote influence and dont HAVE THE INTERNAL PROGRAMMING LIKE I DO TO FIGHT IT. There is no explaining the perps coldness just like there is no explianing the cops going on with business as usual...I mean there is- you get used to killing. You get used to treating humans this way, you screwed up so you have to appear like you didnt do anything wrong.

There is no explaining what is going on in this country right now, we know about implants and nano tech. We know about remote influencing tech. We know about programming.
These are the only ways that humans could act inhumanely so systematically towards other humans in a manner that is not like the angry mob, which could get away with temporary insanity at least. This is premeditated always from gang stalkers.

We have to look for the reasons that this is happening. I get everything from people from "Police state" to "The Nazis are running the country".

And deeper than that, as far as gang stalking goes-one has only to look at the 4 I mentioned. Mind Control through programming from an early age,chemicals, technology, cult mind control or a mixture of any of these. There is nothing else to motivate people to act this murderous systematically. I have seen how cold the perps are and how they are super into being in this game. They are totally not normal and what group of people is THAT big and rotten to a total stranger?

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Medawar said...

if you get a chance, try reading "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

The following link is to an article about the background to his writing the book:

Of course, the "Rational" society portrayed in the novel is the opposite of that. It's actually a good example of the language and iconography of science being hijacked by despots.

What Alan Myers doesn't really say (because it happened back in Russia and not Newcastle), is that Zamyatin was gangstalked for writing this, by fellow citizens and communist party officials who assumed that it was all an attack on Stalin and they'd better make his life hell. In the end, he wrote to Stalin, asking him to protect his freedom of speech!

Pushkin suggested a compromise, whereby Zamyatin was allowed to write anything he wanted, and live in Paris, as long as he only published his books in French, for educated people to read! Interestingly, Stalin quite amiably agreed to this.

In other words, we are fighting people less reasonable than Stalin was (in the 1920s, at anyrate, by the thirties and forties he wasn't so cuddly.)

The great and rattling skeleton in Alan Myers' closet, is that he was Medawar's English teacher. (He claims, from the native Swahili.)