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Thursday, January 29, 2009

How a TI can be valuable to others

You are a pawn. You are for trade.

One of the hardest things is to watch everyone around you, most of whom are likely scumbags, get ahead in life where you get tortured and terrorized probably to death. If not to death then you will have your personality die and have to live like the living dead. A broken person pretending to go thru life normally. No one has the right to demand this of you.

Over the past eight years it seems that the last administration decided who was of value and who should be sold off for sacrifice. Of course all the rich kids around me made it...at my expense of course.

The sell out of the Target has to be so total and so many involved that the person is expected, if they live, to 'know their place' in the end. This is why its arrogantly expected of the victim to just move on. After the conspiracy or plot of evil design has been executed and you have been dragged thru the mud everyone just acts like nothing happened. People handle you and smile in your face to add to this affect.

But remember...for them to have used you as a pawn you must have some value. Why were you desirable to get rid of? What was it that you knew or that you provided to the system that it wanted?

No one has the right to destroy you so that you are altered as a person then tell you to just move on. Unless its right by might..that they have the network of powerful and rich people and well...they just can.

True enough but there must be something about the person that makes them valuable to begin with. Moreso than the people you see getting rich or moving up in life becuz of you the sacrifice. There are people that I knew that wouldn't be where they are today to the point they are unless they sold me out. And alot of people I mean it seems like most of the nation got in on this.

Why are we so unprotected? Becuz the people around us are the kind that would sell us out to begin with.

You realize that people just don't care. They have no refinement or talent so they have to watch someone truly 'special' get destroyed. And if you have survived this long you are more bad ass and powerful than any one of these individuals ever could be.

IT HAS LARGELY TO DO WITH THE LAST ADMINISTRATION. They seemed to have orchestrated alot of what happened to me at least. In 2003 my life just got hijacked and the war was used to destroy me...alot of people hid their corruption under the diversion of war.

But the arrogance involved is what shocks me. There are ways of getting rid of someone for business purposes then there is pure arrogance and over privilege. The two are unprofessional to mix and besides such business hits of persons should never be viewed by the public as entertainment. This is sloppy and careless at best.

When I am told that I had to be made manageable for reasons of business that may be partly true but people took such joy in it that it isn't very classy at all. Who takes joy in a hit?? Just kill the person and be done with it..what the fuck is wrong with you anyway?? So there is more to this than just making me manageable. Most of the people involved didn't even know me..so whats the personal beef then??

No one that is weak and helpless becuz they are trying to grow or any other vulnerable moment should be exploited at such a time in life.

The whole country is now paying for what they have done to us over the past eight years. And they will continue to pay...unfortunately the wealthy and connected will be fine during this bad economy and they know this. It is going to be harder to get at them or find ways to punish them for thier part in this nation wide if not world wide nightmare.

This is why also its very important to make the TI one dimensional or do bad PR on them. So that the public, whatever faction is in on it, can feel that they aren't really murdering someone. That they are either just observing as voyeurs or that the Target deserved it or even feel that the target is not like them or human.

Targets should keep in mind, for life, who our enemies are. These people honestly believe that they are better than us or they will validate what they did by believing the bad PR.

Our stories may never be believed, but its not our problem. The truth is all that matters and it is my job and I hope yours to as a victim of human rights violations that have left you destroyed and crippled as people to make sure the truth is preserved. It is the only thing that will destroy your enemies...if they are rich and connected they have all manner of deception and cover at their disposal. They have used such things well over many years to get where they are today and are not going to let the likes of YOU get in their way. Remember you were targeted becuz you dont 'matter'. Or you mattered more as a corpse to a few people (also a corpse might be a silenced living person) than you did alive to anyone.

You have been altered. You have had you lifes energy taken from you. You have been robbed. You have had your talents and opportunities taken away from you. Mostly you most likely have had your freedoms taken away unjustly.

Just because a bunch of rich assholes with cops and DA's in their pockets (or blackmailed) decide you'd be fun as a victim doesn't make it ok what they have done. Just becuz they act like this is 'they way it is' doesn't mean that it IS THE WAY THEY HAVE LEFT IT. What they have done they have done for themselves.
Rememeber YOU didn't matter. If you are still breathing then you can make yourself matter....I don't care how big the monster is collectively...what are they gonna do- kill you ??HA HA HA they should have shown the mercy to have done that to begin with like REAL businessmen..but they chose torture and behavior modification for entertainment to make themselves feel like big men and superior women.

Now that administration is gone now. Gitmo is closing and the war will end most likely...and this is why it was very important for them to hide their actions under the cover of war time activities. THEY CAN NOW TRY TO CLAIM THAT WHAT THEY DID TO YOU IS OVER AND ENDED JUST LIKE THE WAR WILL BE AND ALL THE HORRORS OF THE LAST YEARS.

However, you are not a soldier and that was not Iraq. What was done to TI's involved their fellow citizens and there was never any declaration of war. Besides most likely you didn't deserve it....you were most likely profitable in some way being exploited as well as needed to be gotten rid of. The fact that police and other supposedly trusted authorities were in on this and that the ones who were took such pleasure in what they were doing with the highest level of arrogance shows that this was not normal.
YOU WERE TARGETED. And this is the real reason why. Becuz these are the actions of people who want to destroy someone for pleasure. That is really the bottom line in all this. They need to take human lives in this way, to see someone destroyed. If they did not partake then THEY would feel they dont matter and that is not what any predator will allow.

To destroy someones life when you are a policeman or a lawyer or a social worker or a judge or a fireman you are then a liar every time you go to work. I truly believe that these people are indeed in a large group or network across the country and the world. Only the group matters and its members and their ends. Justice isn't real, the world they live in isn't real, what they do for a living isnt real. THEY aren't real as people.

How else other than a cult mind control mentality or at least a group of criminals who bond together for mutual profit and protection could they pull this off?? Any cop who indulges in organized stalking is not protecting anyone but himself and the criminals involved. The only people who ever cared about a TI are the ones who have told us the truth about what is going on.

Not the perpetrators, not the handlers who keep trying to convince you that you'll be fine or that you have to get used to disappointment in life. If the group mentality is that strong among humans that all reason and justice are thrown out the window when some idiots snap their fingers and give the get go, then this world will never be worth living in. EVER.

You becoming a cooperative inmate after being beaten down is not 'growing up' as they would like to brain wash you into thinking. And if you did need to grow then it should not have been to be dumbed down by brain damage or damage to the physical body or destruction of the finer emotions.

When the people who care about you abandon you and help betray you you will never be able to bond with humans again in the same way...that is extremely damaging and its the number one reason we commit suicide. You have had people who were closest to you turn on you and become the worst destroyers you have ever known...this is not normal. What has been done to a target is so destructive that the system hopes the person will be so traumatized that they will become docile and cooperative.

In this day and age people enjoy smack downs--they think its cool. As long as its from a safe vantage point for these wimps. The culture of exhalting the ametuer, the group member or the wimp is very popular now. They loathe anything special or unusual.
Its like their pathetic attempt at Satanic Communism....I have watched this go down over the years and I am versed enough to know that that is exactly what they are going for.

These are the idiots who think this will bring world peace. True individualists focus on just that individuality. What you have now is nothing more than an out of control cult mentality and as long as everyone plays the game with this new idiot movement they will be rewarded not being targeted and they can still think they are superior as a group member becuz they singled out and destroyed someone who was special or just an individual.

Look around you. How different is the world compared to years ago. People are zombies now. It isn't normal...its like that movie the body snatchers. There is something wrong with this.

Humans are so easily conditioned its a joke. And the intimidators know this.

Well if you are a TI who has survived and are reading this then obviously you wont be simply intimidated.
The shocking thing is always that your family and friends would so easily sell you out as well as human experimentation is involved. It leaves all sorts of disturbing questions..like how long has this been going on anyway. Was this from birth or what?

I think that if you are a Target there is a good chance some of you..alot of you can find that you have been of value for exploitation to alot of people for some time now..even before it was obvious. And for survivors of tbmc you need to read up on how this works. How they stalk and watch kids if not family members before that.
Think of how much money could be made or of what use could be naturally dissociative perfectly built women with pretty faces who were highly intelligent and creative.
This slave trade is very very real...but that is the origin of some targets troubles.

What is the worst for alot of us is that a large amount of complete strangers seem to be able to get from us what loved ones were taking from us perhaps by falsely claiming affection for us. What has happened to alot of us over the past years is worse than being surrounded by an abusive small group...it was a damn free for all. And the fact that those close to us did nothing or even took part is just too much to even think about.

This is why too the mind controlled TI is seen as stupid. The whole thing is so ridiculous.
If anyone ever says TI's are weak they are saying that as more excuses to get away with their actions.
If you are a survivor of tbmc then you fear for your life basically and always have....even when you did not understand that is why you can be so easily be controlled by certain people. In order to live through any of this however, one would have to be almost superhuman by either design or birthright. Do not be fooled. Why do you think that the perps have to come after targets with such superior intelligence capabilities and in such large numbers..and furthermore why must the person be kept alive?? Why not just murder the target??
Something is going on here, and its connected to something very ancient but also it seems that human experimentation would make it a work in progress.


  1. Rachael;

    You bring up some very relevant questions as to perp motivations. In my case where they were on me since birth, or even before, they have a (now) 54 year history of human experimentation, and they don't want to give it up. Hence this relentless pursuit, often over dumbshit things like the size of planted crumbs, how I form my enclosed handwritten alphabet characters, (letters, a, b, d, g, etc. reversed from the normal clockwise movement), how I dot letter i, etc. It is fucking insane what the perps are consumed with, never mind the presentation of colors that they want me to see in specific order.

    One reason for tormenting a target is to get a larger aura off them. I read about someone who could read auras, and he noted that if a person was distressed there was a significantly larger aura. Hence, this can be read from a distance easier and any interactions of the aura with those of gangstalkers who are known and obviously cooperative agents, and who may have rehearsed the scenario beforehand. Not that I am trying to defend them, as they are the consummate assholes, and just may be responsible for other terminal human experimentation that we are unaware of.

  2. My hope is that most of these TI's can stay alive and live through this. I do remember moments that happened when I was very young, strangers asking me insane questions, and being bullied with mean comments since the age of 5. It seems like others don't seem to like very independent, free-thinking individuals. It's very important to perps to have a strong pack mentality, to go along with whatever other goofballs are doing, no matter what their reputation is.

    And as for the alleged TI wanting to meet in person, it wasn't me. I saw this 'anonymous' on another TI's blog, wanting to meet. Wasn't me. Probably just another one of my perps mocking me.