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Saturday, January 3, 2009


(Dont even comment on the last post. Its something that came out and it wrote itself. I wont even acknowledge it, like an illegitimate child. But it obviously was important to someone..)

Does any one get how easy it is nowadays to spy on people?

It is laughable that no one seems to understand that if we are human experimentees that driving us like cattle onto the internet as the only place to defend ourselves makes it easy to not only monitor us as subjects but to be able to have unlimited access as to the inner machinations of our minds. This is one of the reasons that a TI must be isolated. So that the will 'talk' and reveal. What would a study be without that? And how better to have those who want the person out of the way to ensure that they are forever held prisoner, mentally and emotionally?

Its an easy enough concept. There are nosy obsessive power freaks in the world..always been that way. They have toys. End of equation.

Tell that to every denying therapist and whoever else. Enough money buys alot and always has and always will.

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  1. See:

    Blair's own people now refer to him as a "double agent" which explains a great deal about his destructive influence. Also bears out what I said before about Opus Dei concentrating on getting its people into the highest office possible, whereas "Column 88" tends to get them into key military and police posts just below the top...

    The Blair government was an enthusiast for every means of spying on people, at every opportunity. Many of these technologies exist because he threw billions of pounds of taxpayer's money at any company that wanted to spy on us.

    Glad you've survived Christmas, love.