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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Re: Ashes 08 ' a good outlet for you'

I know you are trying to be helpful by being positive but this is murder of a human being and this is covert war. There is no positive end in this except winning...and that may only be achieved by dying after laying all the info out for people to use later to destroy the enemy.

Total war mode. There is no positive, there is no emotion. There is only the war and the mission. I am sorry you dont understand programmed people.

There is a certain point after years of a gang stalking campaign-the betrayal and the abuse of stalking, harassment and torture where all the humanity in us is wiped out and we function on what is left in our programming and if we do feel emotions it is unpleasant.

Alot of you have alot to learn..see my link to other blog on wordpress-'OnMC' "Mind control information". Some of you may discover you are survivors and did not know this is why you are gang stalked. Alot of us are being put into behavior modification programs to re make us becuz someone somewhere wants to cover thier asses so we dont reveal info while recovering memories with a therapist. They are destroying people in order to try to 'prove' that this system works even though this is a cover up and a future money maker for the prison system and the mental illness sector which is why they :
1) dont want anyone to know why you are truly being modified
2) dont want people to know that a survivor can deprogram and self re-program safely to begin with so behavior meodification wasnt/isnt even necessary as it does more harm than good
3)have to claim any target who is genuine is mentally ill becuz it is suspected by many of us that this behavior modification tech is going to be used to reform the minds of the mentally ill and extension of what they are doing to everyone with meds now.
This is not only destructive to everything natural in human beings, but to every future psychic, artist and genuis. If you look closely you will see that they want to manage all these and also if there are undetectable mc survivors, its a perfect way to cover covert activities like this so never again will there be people's programming becoming unstable or telling. In this way this is the enslavement of man kind.
Anyone who is reacting to bad conditions is healthy, not criminal or sick or mental.

We are coming into an era where there is no room for variances...its all bullshit. The same corruption is going to exist in this tech system as existed in the physical prisons and mental hospitals. If not then why are innocent people already being messed with?? Forget judging my all better wake up and realize what is coming. The technocrats and corporations are completely out of control and people are so dumbed down its mind numbing to look at it. 28 days til digital TV???!! I cannot wait to see what the results of THAT is going to be. Anything digital can be hacked and TI's know that. Mind control is not good if it is used to dominate what people are by nature. In order to fuse tech with the natural world like they are trying to do, this earth and its people would need to have a much better sense of balance. Pain should not be part of this is not necessary. This shows something is wrong with your reasoning and your systems. The fusing of tech and nature should be joyful.
I have a feeling that they want to see how many people can be numbed out or fooled into thinking they feel good when they are really in agony so that future disasters like global warming and over population can be would be the ONLY thing that makes sense. These problems should never have been allowed to happen to begin with and if these techno f*cks want to play god or gods they are going to get another Titanic..I am hoping.
Humans are too aggressive by nature and at thier core they are fearful and want to dominate...that can never bring peace unless it is councouis.
I would never want to live in a world so false that I thought I felt good when I was's a mental and emotional prison they are offering. And if they beat everyone down enough like brainwashed cult members they'll take whatever relief is offered.

This is no outlet my friend, this is the captains log to be found after the drowning of the ship, the last words in the planes little black box..or something akin to Ann Frank's diary. Dont get confused..for me at least there is no future of positive side. And most mc survivors were supposed to snuff it at 32 or 33 anyway. No one can stand suffering like this every day. That is the purpose of the perps at least for people like encourage us to go.
It seems someone else thinks we can be 'saved' if only survivors can be behavior modified.
The people survivors deal with are very selfish and one wants to beleive there is a collective group of people out there that actually in the name of national security, gets people to kill themselves or go insane to hide information. It is a rough game and usual rules do not apply. This blog is educational out of revenge..its really the only revenge I am going to have. Hope has no meaning to someone that has seen this much cruelty from mankind and especially that it seems approved of or tolerated by society..that so many people know at least that you are being abused or tortured. If you think I am going to hang around for a lifetime of this you are incorrect. My gang stalking and the other stuff they have done is one of the worst stories I have ever heard..becuz it doesnt stop and if it lets up they only change tactics ..worst of all I am shunned by most of society.Where is the hope in that?? Also, the capturing of a spirit is worse than any kind of physical toruture would ever be.

I was told that in every business there are 'expendable people' and the person told me it was akin to someone contructing a sky scraper..that at the start they plan for at least one or two deaths on the job. This person was comparing me to those pre planned allowable expendable people.With that in mind..that there are alot of people who are part of whatever group does this shit to people like me..tell me where is the hope??Stop kidding yourselves and just read the blog, get what you can out of it and realize slaves have no rights or lives and they never will. If it isnt one kind of slavery its another. This is something that certain cultures cant do without..the exploitation of others. You just have to be the biggest pain in the ass possible and then find freedom any way you can. For other TI's life will be easier or they will find reasons to carry on or they have more means than alot of us.I have seen some mc survivors go on to have careers and then I have seen others seem to just fall away and no one hears from them again. Maybe the system plays favorites-I dont know.
I want comments for this blog that will help the TI live longer and get revenge in some way either by exposure or some other outlet.
For me personally it is meaningless becuz this is not the way my life should have been..its a false time line that has been altered through the use of gang stalking and other coercion and influence. It isnt the natural order or state of things.
Remember that..when they brain wash you daily. They want you to accept this as the way it is or should be. It isnt..its not the way it should have been and anyone who gets lulled into that is giving in to coercion...ever so gently. Drifting into the perp's clutches.

Eventually you will find in a point of the gang stalking campaign against you that they may stop attacking you and pull back..probably becuz you have adapted so well as a soldier you ,by nature, are starting to hunt them in return. You have self reprogrammed to adapt to new circumstances..hmm what can they do now to f*ck you up?? They can stop attacking you overtly, stop giving you what you now are used to for attention as well as in vicories succeeding in battling the enemy. The one thing they never want you to have is VICTORIES..these break the humiliation and shame..the whole cycle. Also, you now know thier game and are a danger to them. So, now they turn once again and stop attacking you, and stop giving you any chance at victories as well as now your system is so attuned to this you are now like a soldier who is unable to be put back into peaceful society.They are hoping from there you will unravel without any battles to fight. And the tech they use for remote influence will continue to break you down every day to either commit suicide or to accept your place as whatever they have made you into via years of go on with your life and 'forget'-pretend it never happened. To form a new you out of the damaged person they have created. This is always unacceptable..really in programming terms they have simply re traumatized you to force you to re a way.
You are going to behave not due to TRUE compartmentalization when programming was intact but now like a dog who has been beaten it now pulls its head down at the slightest move of its owner. Either that or you can bite at your owner and get put to sleep.
This is exactly what has been done to many of us..we had sophisticated high level programming and we are now reduced to the level of mere animals-dumb ones at that.
Keep your dignity. Keep realizing that you are human and those gifts you had were YOURS by birthright and death would have been better than this torture and enslavement..this dumbing down to animal levels and attempted training like a dog.You are not a dog. Most likely if you are a powerful mc survivor your ..uh..connected to the line in some way. Use it and make 'em pay. Also, do whatever you can to get revenge before you go..

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