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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have had many incarnations of a music section on here. There have been many problems with keeping it up, but especially Youtube, and I wont get into why. Just always look out for tech being easily corrupted...Trojan horses, worms and other stuff that can be snuck into the feed..of ANY tech nowadays.

I want to keep this up here for my own record, really of my situation or progress through this ordeal. One can often see clearer where one is now by seeing ones past.

I found alot of difficulty come back to me when I wanted to hook up the original songs list..
The Youtube account I had on here was under the Bush era gang stalking. After that the rules changed and I found myself into other, much harder more grim hopeless type music, really in order to survive. More intense energy....

The music I listen to now or enjoy helped keep me alive, yet it may also be part of trying to make me into a 'new person' which remember- personality reformatting is the end result of what the perps want. Also suicide. And still continued slander.

I will do what ever I have to to survive this and I will use whatever I find.

Just becuz I went from Bob Marley to redicovering harder stuff doesn't mean
1) you have to 2) that I am a bad person.
I am sure this would be a natural reaction from someone who was terrorized AND systematically ignored. You begin to drown and need something to keep you alive. Humans are creative problem solvers ...this is why they still walk the earth.

Anyone who was a veteran of covert war and had seen so many horrors might turn to a taste in things more brutal than before. We as a group have been brutalized, often within sight of a nation. There are those who are The Unaware of organized stalking, and then there are those factions in The Aware category. The Observers who are For, The Observers who are Against but DO NOTHING, Those who actively Help, and then there are the partaking PERPS.

Targets have been systematically terrorized with total disregard. They are torture victims. This is why denial is so important. I believe the unaware faction of people would be outraged if they knew...some percentage of them anyway.

I just updated this...shame how many vids are now unavailable due to copyright...this is a recent Youtube issue with everyone however. Vids or audio getting pulled.

This might also be my attempt to continue with the concept I was working on that sound can heal humans if it resonates with you.
TI's are certainly aware of the idea of sound being used as a weapon of the reverse must be possible.

As I have changed and the world around me has changed I note that my musical fuel needs have changed.

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