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Friday, October 1, 2010

Well I Have My Explaination of Why Perps Questioned Me Many Times With "Rachael What Do You Think Of George Bush?"

Here it is and now it all makes sense. What I want to know is why were they pulling hardcore psychological warfare on me as well as other tech driven stuff (like heat going out, cable box going crazy as well as a car outside with me getting hit with something that felt like I was nauseous and my stomach hurt- out of nowhere. Then when the car sped off the feeling disappeared. This is a very common weapon used on TI's and its easier to explain than some of the other stuff that happens)

"Secret Service agents showed up at the high school the next day to interview the boys, both 16. The school principal sat in for an hour and a half as agents interviewed each student individually, without their parents’ knowledge or consent. “He asked us questions like was I a good shooter … was I a good sniper … am I good dealing with guns, and what are my thoughts on the president,”

This makes sense during this time period. It was when it was attempted that I be fooled into believing that I was being chased by the FBI and I should go in and start blabbing. Without a supeona of course and without any of these people identifying themselves as agents of the FBI, unlike in this article.
But the article says Secret Service which I assume they identified themselves as. My dad's family has bragged about such connections as in I was introduced to a member of the family who I was told did such work for Kennedy. Which one they did not specify.

This is a common tactic I have read where people who are MK Ultra survivors who know too much are set up then when they 'rat' they are killed and its explained away that they were snuffed due to being rats.

I have also had this question asked of me by civilians, one such person was the Mexican Christian that ran Dame La Mano shelter for women with children but they let me stay there. I treated ok but there were instances of obvious gang stalking by really unsavory staff and guests. I was informed by a woman there that that was due to them being paid for their actions against me. He also couldnt stop salivating over finally getting a government grant that furture fiscal year. Which I assume he received after I left another location once again looking as if I was the one who was unstable or burned bridges.

Everywhere you go you get framed up and have no allies eventually. Many people in the USA are total cowards or use the fact you are targeted to gain something for themselves. Either personal, monetary or opportunity or protection from exposure.


Anonymous said...

I got questioned with "who are you gonna vote for?" type questions. Also, you are right: I could see the perp cells of a given regions being ready for a target with their standard setups. That's why I never bothered leaving this area. I figured, it would involve spending some money just getting there, and then there are living expenses. I had an interview with ASU in Tempe, but I canceled that one. The job was for a lab assistant, and it did look like they were interested in me. But the job paid $30,000, and I didn't think it would be enough to lure me away. I'm wishing I would have gone, but I would prefer driving to flying from PA. That way, I could observe the many fascinating species of perps on my cross-country journey. I've heard they resemble Australopithecus (ancestors bridging the gap between knuckle-walkers and fully upright bipeds).

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder, why exactly are they slowly killing us off? I'll bet it's true what I speculated in my last reply, that they have our mental states, state information about our physical presence, etc., stored from years of mapping. That's probably why they artificially try to trigger us into various emotional states. The angrier we are, the better they can monitor us. They must have all our emotions mapped, and a hologram made of us, that they can do all kinds of things to, like torture, have sex with the hologram, etc. You know they have the capabilities for this, and there's some really powerful remote sensing/mapping/computers/storage being used to recreate us. This would have to be used to copy the real deals and destroy the original, because of the evidence, and once cloned, the real being is no longer useful.

I'm thinking the last post came across as a little creepy, but I have observed the same as you: they seem to be getting off on various "destroyed, unhealthy" images of me. Like for example, all combinations: dumbed down, huge gut, withered physique, etc. That's why we cannot let them win. They will fuck our corpses and laugh at our deaths. Do we want that?