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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rally to End US Occupation.. Seattle WA

Worth watching is the first speaker. The Vetran who is a squatter is also good. The third guy is a bit to the left for me and he's been protesting wars since the 70's. We've heard guys like this before and it doesnt work anymore working this angle. He's good and he makes sense, especially good is when he speaks of the contractors which many TI's have been victims becuz of. I have actually heard perps who believed they were going to get a job with one of these companies if they assisted in pumping me for info or gang stalking me. Specifically Boeing. But then we know that perps are desperate losers with no moral courage or any inner conviction so of course she didnt get jack sh*t.
I have no opinion on the next woman who is from Voices of Palestine. That issue has been going on for so long..forget it. She's correct in saying that Americans are mostly unaware of the facts. To be honest from a certain perspective, Israel is useful to the USA. My largest problem is that people are dishonest about their supporting something like this. And to base Israel's existence on religious or spiritual belief is totally ridiculous and should be the most illegal thing of all.

You can just ignore Code Pink who I absolutely cannot stand. Women being ditzy and using limp wristed terror tactics is just embarrassing to all of us everywhere.
I dont know what to think of the preacher. Its true what he says about not having a movement against corporate power. The religious references as well as the sighting the same old boring activists that we NOW KNOW IN THIS NEW SYSTEM AND NEW ARRANGEMENTS WE CANNOT NECESSARILY TRUST. I dont want to hear about Martin Luther King or Gandhi. Not only does it not work anymore, passe heroes, but those figures are being used by people with special interest that are now working for the enemies of freedom. You cannot work off the old systems of activism. Many things have been re arranged so that it just will not work or people will get snagged in taking that same old route.
What he says about being a true American as well as conditions like cruelty to the poor is very true and I found inspiring.

Totally avoid the music if you want to take yourself seriously at all. If they wanted to keep thier protest songs modern they would not get up and sing at all. This torture goes on from 24:00-35:09. Totally passe. But the more people NOT on the side of the oppressor is a good thing I suppose.

The good looking young man who speaks at 35:52 makes sense and his speech makes sense. I am impressed with how young he is, but due to this he seems a bit dramatic at times. Its admirable though. He seems genuine.
He says one thing that will help TI's like myself "THIS IS A LONG TERM STRUGGLE". That helped immensely. I dont know about a revolution but its a nice sentiment.

Emma Kaplan from World Cant Wait (39:34) kicks the most ass of any of these people. I was mistaken in my past post when I said I dont need a Jewish sister to speak for me. If its this woman be all means please do- she's awesome. She's not trying to be a superstar, she just gets up and kicks butt. She also sights facts without vague conceptualizations and her fire is passion not drama. The chant we could have done without.

Another vet Gerry Condon. I usually find most veterans respectable speakers who present as seriously as I need it to be.

The problem with rallies like this is that I cant stand the infiltrators that are always going to be in such groups nor can I go this far to the left.
It should be about war crimes and things that are obviously oppressive that are totaly outrageous that has gotten ridiculous under Bush and Obama. Racism? Thats a big, vague generalized concept.

Put it this way- anything that was important during Clinton (other than MK Ultra which is a huge problem due to much connected to that being used by the oppressor)that was socially fashionable like racism, the environment etc I think should be put on the back burner. Those are important issues especially the environment as its all humans that need air, water and food. But this situation is growing and occurring faster than we can keep up with it and its true: the public seem very much asleep.

I say take out the fluff and the leftist liberal pablum and dig deep directly into the issues spoken about by Kaplan, both vets and the gentleman that addressed the corporate military industrial complex.

I now know why they were terrified of me as an activist. The artistic talent I was starting to express. They knew that I can take a rally like this and turn it into something dead serious and have the talent to bring about the level of respectability that the oppressor brings to thier media events. With enough money I could have made that happen. I know how to bring complex, heady subject matter to the common public with a weight usually only possessed by serious professionals. You dont see it in my work here as this is done while targeted just as planned by opposing forces.

Yes, I would have cleaned up a production like this and made it so respectable, perhaps the media might listen.

A perp mentioned once my taste for what they had dubbed "marching music". That I was fond of music with a military beat or of war in various cultures.

For many of us, they must have predicted who would have made these activities of the resistance very effective against what is going on now, and so made sure we were down, discredited, and so damaged that we could not put forth with the effort. Which means that they knew years ago they were going to pull this off as its unfolding now.

I speak about many TI's who are so kept down that they have become non entities. Its a very very left handed compliment. Just like the way that I was immediately swooped down upon and attacked soon after coming into contact with a few TI forums as well as the mind control survivor factions. They knew that I was simply confused and ignorant as well as traumatized with damage from prolonged exposure to mycotoxins..but they knew I wasnt stupid and I take things deadly serious, as well as I would have nosed around, saw things for what they were, asked too many questions and started to do something about it.

We all know that the masses are stuck in the matrix if you will created by the media cape and are probably not going to notice these people as the way they are doing this makes it special interest not of interest to the general public, who are usually asleep at any given time in history.
And the power structure sees them as perhaps too many annoying flies on a hot summers day that are but a mere annoyance. They know they have all the power and manage information very effectively. They also know that most people especially in the US are hypnotized effectively at this point (by more than just brainwashing tactics via media or intimidation in the police state) and will probably not come out of that to care about this at all.

This is one of the reasons that its so important to inform people about the ways and means of keeping people imprisoned so that they are not able to understand what is really going on.

An older TI once told me to get involved in these kinds of activities, that it would help my situation being targeted. To run for mayor and this sort of thing. Its really not my style.
This effort needs the talents of people that are obviously held down very hard for good reason to map out the mind control or covert warfare end of these efforts. Not everyone is this social or likes group activities.

Part of me is also very politically aware that these people want to do good in the world but they often do not take into consideration that enemies of the US are very real and that often if a country like the US doesnt play dirty then someone else will and take what we have away from us. Its so naive in some ways. There are people who want to destroy the US have done so and will continue to do so. Many of them are doing so under the guise of leftist or liberal agendas. You cannot trust the 70's or 60's formulas anymore. The establishment is very hip to this and has infiltrated and arranged the new games so that there are actually people helping them who are in groups that claim to want change etc.

What should be exposed and protested is the abuse of power, such things as Kaplan spoke about where Bush's agenda is still being carried out and Obama is doing the same but is dangerous as he is perceived as harmless or good for the people.

It should be made clear that peace love and joy are bygone concepts for motives. The military industrial complex as well as far too much use and abuse of power are issues that need to be dealt with as they are out of control. These are connected to such issues as the use of psy ops and mind control to ensure that the masses as well as individuals cannot exercise thier Will.

That is far more pressing than the usual list of the left of things needing to be fixed in this world. Man needing to learn to be more peaceful and learn to play nice is far different than man not even being able to think for himself of exercise his own Will or think for himself.

Without these vids and these efforts activists like myself who are almost totally cut off from the world due to a very clever effort of foresight on the part of the oppressor years ago, might lose all perspective and hope.

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