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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This took alot of balls and I have been trying to put this out for months. Someone better get some use out of it and not just the bad guys either.

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Anonymous said...

"The bad guys" already knew, remember? They can scan and record your thoughts, and review the stored image/audio of the neural data they've collected. They also are very scared of me revealing these things via comments. They also likely know what you are going to be writing, because (in my case at least) they can tap into your future and know ahead of time what you are going to be writing at least 3 months in advance of us actually physically writing it. That's just my personal intuition, however, but it's been confirmed to me secretly by my perps. It's just those lower level bums/creepos/losers you have to filter out. They probably get texted a harassment script that some computer program whipped up for them. That's probably why they don't seem human.

Like I mentioned before, our ancestors, 5 million years ago, could not vocalize. They could do the basic chimp/gorilla vocalizations, and maybe stand up for a while and do chest beating. But consider how much that ability is being wasted on idiots saying stupid shit when you walk past them. It's like they're saying... nothing. Just what some machine is ejaculating for them.

Our job as TI/activists are to get human evolution back on the right track, and to take this regressing back 5 million years bullshit and stick it up the cowardly perps' assholes (and their shills and gangstalking clowns' assholes as well).