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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A hate comment from the post about a hate comment from the same reader

Its from Anonymous again...remember? "we are gonna nail you to the wall?", that prick? Well the coward who wont id themselves is back again. Here is what the great bore had to say:

"1 – 1 of 1
No actually, I am a REAL TI who has other TI friends who also think you're BOGUS and that you're here to trigger suicide programming. When I said we will nail you to the wall I mean we will OUT YOU. It's not a threat of physical violence asshole. But somehow I doubt you'll post THIS COMMENT. Your self IMPORTANCE is hilarious, really, and again, I do not believe for one second you are a real TI. And how could it be a threat of violence when I'm in a different country stupid. AGAIN you think you're sooooooo important that some "organization" is out to "nail you" to the wall. NO ASSHOLE it's just me and others who are too awake to be fooled by your BS, and I'm psychicly NAILING YOU too. Have FUN YOU PHONY ASSHOLE.
By Anonymous on Hate mail call! (Now with more violence!) on 10/21/10
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So dumbass has revealed a clue to thier location. They arent American so I really dont care anyway as most of my response is from fellow Americans. And a threat that was supposed to induce terror is now reduced to bullsh*t as its psychically nailing me. I have had some interesting experiences along the way with contact that wasnt physical but its was by people that have ALOT of money and connections to some very very nasty Satanic cults and military. Who of course provide the toys to make such things possible.
THIS person however is not capable of such a feat. If they were, they wouldnt be targeted, they'd be able to totally destroy thier attackers.

Also my sense of self importance is none of yer business. I dont know what pathetic communist country you come from but being self important, expressing oneself and the right to excel are part of what being an American is all about. I know the socialists and the commies want to take over the USA and have us all eventually bow to China but its not gonna happen on this blog thats for sure. F*ck fake Anarcho socialists like Obama and all those idiots going around wearing red and black. Its all in the interest of enslaving mankind not some world peace dream of equality that is promised.

In case you are too ignorant to realize it, red and black are also colors that represent Luciferian energies. I think you have to be born that way not just one day decide yer part of Prince Hall or the Masons (who will take anybody nowadays) but hey, yer welcome to yer self delusions. Just like I am welcome to make as much stink about my situation as I like and say as I please due to the fact that I should have a career by now not living this way and creating such a blog at all.

This is the worst attempt at a flame war I have ever experienced. Usually people dont try this with me as it just never works...and its not going to work now. I dont do flame wars. Thats how Barbra Hartwell seemed to bury herself and she was very into research gave alot of info in her blog and for what? So people could label her a CIA plant. What proof did they have? She was the one who spotted perps in the Patriot movement which I dont see anyone else exposing.

And I have posted about something fishy going on with the Anarchist AND Patriot movement..especially thier fighting all the time. Its so..contrived. More covert operations involved.

I wont bore my readers again with this person. Its just more attempts at psychological warfare so I dont settle and air everyone's dirty laundry.

I hope one of my protectors finds yer IP address or whatever they do. I dont worry about this sort of thing too much, it usually seems to get 'taken care of' by forces unknown to me. Which I dont care to know anyway.

Good luck to you and yer friends who are supposedly TI's. I personally dont approve of messing with other TI's for THE SAKE OF THE CAUSE OR MOVEMENT. You should do the same.

I never claimed you were an organization either nor did I claim that an organization was going to nail me to the wall. you seem to be playing only with yerself my friend, which I get the feeling happens alot in more ways than one.

And if you knew anything about high level programming from the inside you would already be familiar with other survivors.

The only thing I ever screwed up on was a video on hypnosis on my YouTube titled "Hypnosis: Be Careful" cuz I didnt watch it all before I posted it on a playlist and the guy ended up telling the audience that people must be careful due to false memory syndrome being induced by hypnosis. Believe me when I discovered the error I took it down right away. that is the only mistakes I make with information is I often dont watch something long enough. I have caught perps thinking I dont read through comments either but I do.

Sorry. I just aint biting. Its not my style. I never was a good lawyer as I hate useless fights. Its for losers and its stupid and a waste of energy.

Oh and Carissa Conti was suspect of me once, rightly so as I was still very into being a strict guardian of information and didnt think she should connect gang stalking with something I forget what. But that was the way my programming was set up and it served me well by protecting me in the beggining of all this.

Too bad for any one who doesnt like it. Go read another blog then.

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