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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Laundrymat in Cambridge sight of harassment years ago, interesting effects now

I went back to a laundry I was targeted at before I left. Pearl st. Cambridge, MA.

The blonde woman has a face that could stop a moving train so I can see how jealously plays a part in this one.

Today she was going outside to her apartment that is attached to the laundry. I saw her smile really big through the glass window at me but that might have been to whoever was behind the counter, the direction she was facing however as well as she was looking right at me.

The man who works there a short guy whos bald, kept looking really guilty and looking down alot.

This is a place where I got heavily gang stalked before I went on my first road trip. Its behind Central Sq which has got to be one of the worst places for organized stalking and harassment in the area. It must be due to MIT and Harvard. Anti terror probably is the excuse for such a system being there. There is an actual nuclear reactor in MIT I believe so there is obvious risk as well as how much money these institutions and thier students are worth.

I remember during the height of it a sort of Italian looking guy maybe in late 20's or 30's faced me and said "When you got nothin, you got nothing to lose". It was the same look and tactic as a similar male coming out of a library in Tempe AZ. He walked by me and said "Loser" as he passed.
I went back there recently to do more laundry. I dont know if I didn't notice this or if the pictures are new on the walls but its really creepy. They have these slightly inappropriate photos of little girls on the walls. One is cute when you first look at it but then..and in the backround
there is a pic that is very off. It doesn't necessarily mean anything but it just ads to the over all creepiness of the scene that of course starts off with me being harassed overtly there years ago as well as the bald guy looking really guilty.

The thing that was real interesting however was the effects of remote influence.

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