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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fuck the USA and Fuck Isreal...Death to Boston

The passenger list of 9-11 flights and discrepancies concerning flight's status::

Two Female Mossad Agents End Up in Mental Hospital:

I love how thier situations sound exactly like the way gang stalking targets have to live out the remainder of thier lives...except without compartmentalization and programming. "Secret methods"...

Ya know...I am tired of this. All of this. I hate my family- I want them all dead. I went by that house. I cannot believe what they did and no one has any remorse about it. No one helps me, there is still a daily effort to destroy me mentally or get me to suicide. Emotionally there is just nothing left.

I looked in my eyes today in the mirror of this bathroom in this library. My soul is gone. Its been totally wiped out- removed, destroyed extracted. No matter how many video's I make it will never bring me back what everyone has taken.
And no one seems to care. I am ignored and many people seem to know I am being victimized until I die physically as well.

I am officially done. I have nothing left to give. America is a horrible place, wrought with corruption and the greediest most evil people in the face of this planet who pretend to be good. At least China is overt about how f*cked they are. I believe systematic ignoring after covert torture and activity is worse than outright harm.

My health is failing and I dont care. I still cannot muster the Will to make doctors appointments. I try but I cannot. Every day I try but I am met with such fear that has been conditioned into me from years of harassment and abuse that I just cannot make appointments.

I have come to the conclusion that Israel and its people are the most selfish, vindictive sick creatures on earth. I had never before read the 9-11 information- its so damn easy to see. I do recall that many perps were Isreali and many many local Jews.

So my family and friends believe that they are more important or whatever the entire business is more important than my life. They just leave me out in the cold to die for this bullshit.

I am now a stateless person with no friends, no family and nothing to live for except to tell my story which would only serve to prove that MK Ultra works.

* I had recently been trying to understand many contradictions- such as if under Project Paperclip Nazis were hosted in America for research that led to MK Ultra (and I recently read a book titled " Dark Mission: The History of NASA" I believe is the title, that shows pics of men who under Paperclip went into NASA and also shows them in SS uniform with Nazis before Paperclip. They were also put into NASA as well) if there were Nazi's put in such high places and they influenced such people as the neocons, Bush etc then why are we such good friends with Israel? The link above appears to say that Mossad let Mengle slip through thier net..34 years? Come on.

* If the last administration was all about Anglo Fascism or warfare then why have many TI's experienced large amounts of African Americans in the ranks of gang stalkers or part of even more sophisticated programs that seem connected to MK Ultra and programming?

Pointless really. Its all done its all bullshit.

I could say something about Boston or MA like ' Al Queda missed a spot' but being vendictive with that doesnt even work in stating how much I hate this place and what people have done to me without consequence or conscience becuz it appears they were not responsible in reality.

But I do hope Boston and Cambridge pays. The police pay, Julie and her whole family as well as my mother and father's families. Jake and his idiot crowd from NA.

Even if I tell my story it appears that no one cares. Even if I rat on everyone and give up every last detail of her business dealings or his actions it wont matter. Everyone is happier knowing that I was tortured and abused for years on end when I didnt deserve it. Its obvious that no one cares as no one seemed bothered by what was happening to me in 2003 or 4 or so on.

Fuck you all then. I hope the worst rash of terror comes down on this country that the world has ever seen. This time I want it to be natural disasters so that there can be no blame game bullshit. Oh and take Isreal out too. Fuck em all. Make sure MA gets ground into the sea.

Romney is going for pres in 2012. That fuck helped his rich criminal friends here destroy my life. But that is one of the benefits of my situation isnt it. So now all his buds he assisted as governor can help him get into the white house. In order to do that all business from that era must be finished so I am almost finished. Does that fat bitch Julie like the reports from her scumbag friends that I look like shit and am doing badly?

Fuck every one of you. I hope a lone shooter takes that f*cker out. A young male mind controlled slave who most likely is being driven nuts by circumstances unknown to him, and the poor schmuck will die from it too.

Of course what do I know? I am either crazy like my father or I deserved it that seems to be the two excuses. Well the faggot drama queens fire, police etc have been trying to make me out to be dangerous for years now- you fuckers pushed me enough so here it is..go ahead run with it. Go for it. Fuck you.

I fucking hate every single one of you. You allowed an innocent woman to be destroyed for the likes of the scum Julie pays off or is in cahoots with as well as that bitch Jake. And the cops treated me like a hardcore criminal and are still arrogant f*cks like Waltham for instance.

I hope the greatest revenge comes down on all of you. If I had any strength left I would do it myself but I have so many people who deserve to bleed for being mean to me or helping me be destroyed that I wouldnt know who (and thier families) to take out first.

This country has been rotten to me. YOu all deserve nothing less than 9-11 for being stupid enough to let greedy, self centered brats like Isrealis treat you like Gentile bitches and deceive you for their own benefit. I want out of this pile of shit as soon as possible. I want to see this land fall hard as possible in future and I dont care how.

Across the country I have dealt with harassment and mocking. Fuck you then. YOu wanted an enemy and you got one.

I will write my full expose in some other country, and the whole world can see exactly what goes on here and how evil this place is and how they sacrifice innocents and men destroy powerless vulnerable women so they can keep believing they are all john waynbe when really they are all closet faggots who can only cum close enough to that reality through the homo eroticism of pro sports.

I hope my book serves me well in my dream to see the US and its greedy people get what they deserve- for yet another victim to understand that the US died years ago and only the biggest cunts alive now live here.

And I hope the truly guilty get punished-everyone who fucked with me knowing I didnt deserve it.

As for Israel- hmph. Does anyone take that seriously to begin with? Read a history book. Take a good look.

Without all the DNA and everything else they stole from us going through Slavic lands theyd probably be dead already. Lets say they are...horribly outdated. Have fun being thier bitch becuz I am through trying to be diplomatic and fair.

You can all go to fucking hell.

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Anonymous said...

On the day of judgement I will make sure that all the wicked deeds of this world will be revealed. Furthermore, not one of my sheep will get a pass without understanding every way they have fed the beast.

This is my promise.

Also, you will be set free and renewed. I have asked Father for this to happen sooner rather than later. :)