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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comfort Women of Japan: More Sexual Slavery Denied

The reason I put this on this blog is becuz the attitude towards these human beings who were exploited is often the same way of dealing with any exploited group and its very akin to the way targets are over time, managed with cult mind control tactics to, as one perp put in years ago "THEY are mad at you because you're not accepting your situation."
Does that not completely sound just like the write off of these women in this article? The tactic is that if you dont allow anyone

As a person formerly involved in the adult entertainment industry I can tell you that 60 times a day is unfathomable. A healthy young women might do something crazy to prove her stamina or test her meddle, a few porn stars as well as many women in history have done such a feat like a sexual olympics. But the body is not meant for that nor is it meant for something that damaging 30 or 60 times a day. 60 is just outright torture coming from a woman's perspective. I don't know how they could have survived day after day of that.

For the attitude to be that they eventually peacefully went along with thier 'work' is typical when the only reason for that outcome is militant actions as in coercion, enslavement and systematic rape which is what this is.

Gang stalking is also the same thing psychologically.

Their recent denials are predictable as well:

Trafficking of Women in The USA:

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