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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A GS Campaign of Destruction Tailored to Women

For some odd reason at exactly 4pm today all remote influence stopped. Its the most relief I have exeperienced in years during the daylight hours.

I was in alot of pain yesterday as I am ovulating and for some reason whenever I am in the Boston area my breasts get noticably larger and my female cycles are much more dramatic. It seems that if I had lived in some other location I dont think my endometriosis would have been as severe as it was in my youth. What causes this in the northeastern US especially metro Boston I am not really sure of but it does seem that my bodies inner workings are more prounounced here. Any pain I have is worse when I am here, my sex drive has always been higher (except near the border of Mexico, its also stronger there as well.)

For years I have noted that the gang stalking system seems to have knowledge of human being's weaknesses in general as well as the Target's personal weaknesses physically, psychologically and emotionally. This along with other indications tells us that this is based on old spycraft, probably thousands of years old but now they simply have new toys due to progress in technologies.

Only the handlers or destroyers of female mind controlled slaves would know that certain women have a predisposition to psychosis when entering menopause and to engineer this against the Targeted Survivor.
Also I understand this to be the case due to a few pervs I have met, older men who have the same profile as most pedos TI's meet within this system, making it clear that they know my situation by intimating so.They then tell of thier young wives or girlfriends who at hitting 40 went crazy as in schizophrenia and always they will blame it on this being the result of women who were abused losing it when they hit this certain age.

This is the ultimate cover story and mind game for anyone in on this system that subjegates first children then the same people as adults so that no one ever finds out the victims are telling the truth about memories form childhood and are always discredited.

We all know that gang stalking is psychological warfare meant to drive a Target crazy, even mimicking schizophrenia and surely its purpose is to discredit the victim. It seems that its par the course for starting to remember such things as RA, human experimentation, being programmed and serving to perform tasks for powerful people and agencies unknown or abuse in general that society does not want to be known to be prevalent.

In my case I read somewhere that exposure to mycotoxins makes Hep C worse and in turn Hep C can induce early menopause. They know this, trust me they worked it out that way. When I make claims that my apartment was water damaged on purpose its on of the more shaky claims I can make due to it really being then looked at as part of a conspiracy. One would have to accept that there was indeed a plot to do harm to me or at least to run me out of my home tied into the harassment and stalking as a whole program. And for me to claim that the mold exposure served the same purpose that LSD did in MK Ultra for interrogation and to reformat a personality after breaking the person down is really asking alot from people. I have posted that the USSR used mycotoxins to dumb down dissidents. This is documented just like thier use of punitive psychiatry on dissidents. In the USA such measures have to be done very delicately and very covertly due to backing the US image as a human rights giant among the worlds nations. A perfect cover story is to blame the victim fully: they are either mentally ill or lying either for attention or to not take responsibility for thier actions. To blame the victim is to deny the existence of corruption within the USA to this extent and on these levels of power- power that is regularly abused per 'doing business'.
In a newspaper interview the local city councilman on trial for bribery, Chuck Turner had told FBI that "If you take out all the corrupt politicians, you take out 90%". That is the beauty of the NWO and the cult of PC. They make efforts that make it appear as if the govt and the nation is being cleaned up but all they do is take down anyone too overt or sloppy to hide well in this new environment of spying and survaillence. So much more goes on that does not make it onto hidden cameras- those are the corrupt people who are safe or serve a purpose that power doesnt want touched.
Recently the attitude towards the war on drugs in south America has not been to end corruption but to ensure that it simply does not interfere with the govts, most likely chosen by America and all for the NWO.

The people who get busted nowadays are only scapegoats and patsys. They are the ones who dont matter so serve to parade in front of the public so that The People think something is actually being done. The sloppy, the obvious, the careless, the unimportant.
Testament to this is the way it was attempted to use harassment and psych warfare to frame me up and take me down in the federal investigations (that led all the way to the Boston FBI offices) instead of taking down the real criminals who are raking in the real money and paying off cops. Many people simply got handed great lives and new gigs or werent touched at all that are well known career criminals. An old associate of mine told me that a man who was busted and put into newspapers was "fully ready to be busted for the things he had done" which told me that her and a group of other corrupt assholes locally were most likely using him to divert attention from more important criminals in the area. They hand the public people who dont matter and tell them that justice is being done.

I assume that the dumbasses locally tried this with me and either did so due to the covert factions involved in mc slavery beleiving it was time for me to be done away with or they cops/mob were trying to mess with me having some idea of what I was and an opposing covert faction handed thier asses to them due to my status as perhaps a continuing experimentee or other such value.
I know one thing- alot of what happened to me seems to be some faction who doesnt know alot about programming trying to find out by experimentation and testing. And those of you who suspect that the NSA or some other faction is all over everything we do I believe this to be true now in the USA. It seems like a net connected by cell phones and survaillence cameras and of course spies on foot. I was curious and wanted to watch a vid on YouTube of a black mass when I was in El Paso which MUST be monitored by some heavies as its right near the border and Juarez. I turned on the video and much to my amazement I started to pass out within moments of watching. This proves to me my theory about SRA but what was more intriguing was I had the feeling that someone was watching this whole scene by surveillance camera as well as via monitoring computer activity, the computers in that university there even have a warning before you log on that you may be monitored.
It bought me some cred with someone, somewhere out in cyber spy land. That I was indeed telling the truth about SRA. Believe I didnt know that would be my reaction to the video and I never tried it again.

There is a faction that does NOT want my expose written and will do anything to stop it from coming into existence. In many locations the system seems to want to quietly reform people like myself- to spiritual cleanse, tame and then form into normal, happy citizens.

Id dont work that way. You cant forcefully cleanse someone even if you use torture, which is what they are doing. The person's Will has to be involved. I think they want citizens who are under control not anyone connected to any kind of outside forces no matter what they are. Which is much worse than RA or mind control in any form could ever be.

My aunt told me once that my dad's mother and her sisters all had a difficult time during menopause, one going completely psychotic and my grandmother throwing knives at people etc. For Italians however this female temperament is often seen as somewhat normal, at least before American Italians bought into being 'white' WASPy types, but they dont count as far as I am concerned.

So the gs system knows I may have a genetic predisposition to psychosis connected to estrogen loss. They seem to use all of the Targets medical info including family info against them. There is alot of heart disease in my mother's family and high blood pressure. For some reason I have never suffered from this and my pressure tends to run low as my temp does too and like many Italians I was born anemic. But this system has done its worst to purposely induce heart damage by various methods even though some paternal genes most likely save me from a fate similar to my mother and grandfather, the system still wants to work that angle. Its the same plan as used on Iranian dissidents- do as much damage as possible for later long term shorter life spans. But this is more sophisticated. Its hoped that when I come up with heart trouble that it will be blamed on genetics (just like they tried with a mental illness label.) No I think it might be due to extreme stress due to severe terror and torture and also being hit with 'non lethal' technologies especially in St Louis MO would have more to do with it. (I have posted that in St Louis I experienced being hit so hard in the heart area that my muscles around my chest cavity hurt and were sore afterwords. St L just did not care. Very violent with a severe use of tech to harm a target.)

They create health problems but the target supposedly will not be able to prove this.

Its clear that knowing my genetic status on psychosis and menopause lead them to also find that they could induce menopause early. Very simply I read years ago during the moldy apartment fiasco that exposure to mycotoxins can worsen Hep C. I then read that Hep C can induce early menopause or make symptoms come about early.

I can certain symptoms in the past years like being hot then cold but its very mild and does not happen during ovulation. But I can feel lower hormone levels in my sex drive being different from younger years. Lessened a bit. Its more the comfort that estrogen provides that I have lost. My memory loss is certainly involved but that is also from years of suffering with damage from mold exposure and also due to whatever tech is used.

If I was let alone to age as nature intended and not interfered with or anything about my physical state altered then this transition would have been alot smoother. Its not that women imagine they are gang stalking targets when they start peri menopause but the gang stalking system targets them with campaigns and programs specifically tailored to their weaknesses in this area.
I have realized as I age that interfering with a woman's transition at this juncture is one of the most damaging things that can be done to a female. There is something empowering about waking up in your 30's that this system does NOT want certain women to experience peacefully and fully.
What are we going to become that they are so afraid of?

Its obvious there are programs like this focusing on certain female Targets as it seems that many people from males in the know to physicians readily use these circumstances to keep older women down. Most likely it starts the downward spiral towards the lower status and being 'put out to pasture' thing that happens in American culture to older women.

Its interesting to see that America is so obsessed with marketing youth and denying women thier rightful power in these bodies on this planet that there exists a sophisticated plan of action to destroy them and hopefully then keep them (us) down.

What are they afraid we'll improve social conditions to an extent that they wont be able to continue to promote this country's culture of waste and consumption?...Oh, right. Of course that is the case.

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