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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Accosted on bus tonight- got the treatment from the system..either that or Boston has gone to sh*t more than I thought

I was just accosted on the # 1 bus. What is most interesting is that the female driver is either lazy or a perp becuz I have witnesses as well as cameras that saw this guy grab my backpack as well as threaten me and she kept conveniently not telling the police that part of the story when they showed up. Also, she would start her story with "well SHE was taking up two seats...". This woman is either a major chauvinist or she just doesn't want to deal with making a report whatever. She handled it very much unprofessionally. She would not tell me what to do next or if the police were coming. She victimized me further.

The MIT police that arrived after hearing the story, I asked them what their professional opinions were and all they said was that I had a right to take it up with MBTA police.

I dont trust this whole situation at all. Once again its set up to make me look like I did wrong and then the person who hurt me, like every other situation is let go or absolved. Its all to make me look crazy or to make me look like the trouble maker.

What was intersting is that I started to get mobbed when I wouldnt get off the bus at MIT due to the fact the perp who accosted me got off through the front door and then got back on in the back. The mob kept blaming me and yelling at me to get off the bus so they could move on. The driver seemed to play both sides. When a passenger asked her what she was waiting for she sympathized with the mob basically and answered very sarcastically as if even she didnt want to deal with this. Which is not her job. She has that union job becuz she is supposed to be in charge of the bus not blowing off her responsibilities with an attitude problem. Me staying on that bus MADE her do her job which was to get him removed also. She acted as if only I would leave, she could just take off. So she then HAD to do her job and of course I had to deal with the mob. While being screamed at by the mob I WAS THE ONE who used logic (which I guess her and the mob are not capable of) and told them that we had to wait for the cops to remove HIM not me. They had to be told multiple times until they understood.

This is an excellent lesson in the dynamics of mobbing. If the authority figure sides with the perp of a crime, 'the people' end up blindly following that lead, especially if they feel that they will get something they desire or need from blindly siding with the perp and the corrupt authority figure. In this case it was getting to thier destination.

It might just be the way Boston is, so in a hurry and selfish..and very very spoiled compared to much of the rest of the USA as I have experienced traveling for years, but it may just be very suspect that many people on a bus would go against a single female burdened with a back pack while the perp was a tall blonde white male. The driver was an attractive African American female, who actually seemed pleasant when I boarded in Harvard Sq.

She called hte first cops that would come transit police did not answer for some reason. This is the problem with anti terror and 9/11. The authorities are more concerned about a fellow union employee, the driver and the bus itself opposed to the welfare of the passengers. When the police arrived I tried to talk to them but on officer said I was talking in his ear and to stop and the bus driver further made me feel invalidated by telling her buddy the cop that "Thats what she has been doing to me this whole time". All I was doing was to ask her what was going on and what should be done next. She had an extremely bad attitude and not only TOLD ME TO GET OFF THE DAMN BUS MULTIPLE TIMES but kept giving me a shitty attitude by putting up her hand in 'talk to the hand' style saying get out of her face and basically dont talk to her.

I dont think she is fit to handle a real emergency. Unless she is a perp then it doesnt matter becuz of course targets get this treatment all the time and no one cares or notices. This used to happen to me literally daily back during the federal investigation.

To day I was recording a video journal and some kids were amused so they were listening. I probably talked to loud about a certain college that has clients who see girls in the college after hours..uh that may have gotten me some action that resembled the 'keep quiet' action during the federal investigation.

On the other hand this woman may just be a person one cannot rely on in a true terrorist type emergency as it seems she has no sympathy for victims and just gets territorial and wants all 'the mess' off her bus without dealing with the issues at hand. Of course this is the folly of having bus drivers and other unqualified people who are NOT lawyers, policemen or trained criminal justice professionals having too much power and making decisions that show they DONT have any of that backround.

If it was an older male driver he would have probably thrown the guy off end of story and asked me if I was OK.

I wonder after such things happen to me in this NEW Boston. What if I was blonde and looked like I had money or didnt talk back to the guy street, would I have been treated fairly? They hate poor people here now and that is the only explanation.

Its a perfectly natural reaction for me to talk back to him. I have been on the road for many years now. This older African American woman stood up for me when the mob were all in agreement with the mean ass driver by telling me to get off.

What would have been more reasonable would have been to tell me to calm down and she was going to take care of it (her job) and stop, tell him to get off or even call the authorities and not let him get off. Not tell me to get off and then allow him to get on through the back door and then take off.

Once again after being victimized the community comes after me to help the corrupt authority get away with it and protect the perps. Is this just how Boston is always going to be for me? This formula keeps repeating itself. I get a totally illegal action against me and becuz an authority figure sides with the perps the people do as well. It becomes an ugly mob.

Whoever that woman was I thank her and she has alot of guts to speak up as she did in a mob like that. And there was something about the mob that struck me as highly improbable when I did hear her speak up. As if its too surreal to be realistic. As if this too may be a set up and its very probable that it was. It would not be the first time this same exact scenario was used on a bus scripted out the same exact way.

As you have seen in many things I have posted, whatever is going on in this country that is covert in nature with things being influenced in this way the police have a hands off attitude and are scared to face it. For instance there is testimony that a truck was going through an area with a certain germ warfare on board (bird flu or something like that) and this woman called the authorities who said to her "We wont touch it..its bigger than both of us". They know. The reactions I get are basically instructions to tell me how to exercise my rights becuz they know its f*cked the things that happen to me all the time like this.
Deep inside every cop who is working for the system, often, not always but often there exists the original material that joined the force to help people and believed in justice. Often if you can reach that side, you will get help even in the midst of them trying to help this system screw you over.

I know that the cameras may have caught something but the bus was very crowded. And that woman was the only one who spoke out- everyone else seemed to be into mobbing at that point.

A local college newspaper took me up to interview. I hope it will help but for all I know the report will say I am a crazy homeless woman and I started the disturbance, who knows. I never know friend of foe and this point.
Also MIT kids have been some of the most sympathetic- not overtly and certainly not that jackass at Hayden library that perped me (with details) so you know he's in on it. But the kids in the long hallway..for years the looks on thier faces appear as if they genuinely feel bad. It may be tactical but it may not be. They may have been made fun of in school for being nerds or something and smarter than other kids so they genuinely sympathize. It just doesn't seem tactical. Some of the Harvard kids are the sickest I have seen in this ordeal- getting off on this whole thing with this very evil kind of reaction coupled of course with thier sense of privilege. Berklee School of Music kids a few years ago were downright nasty, but now its not funny anymore it seems. And of course Emerson kids were bastards much of the time..also with a sense of privilege not half as tasteful as the Harvard kids pull of their assholedom. Tacky is the right word I believe.

It may be more covert warfare to get rid of anyone who seems poor but it may just be that since 9/11 anyone that people can write off to not have to service the public anymore its easier to blame a victim with no power than to do yer job. 9/11 gave too much power to a sect of service people in unions that were corrupt to begin with or capable of covert warfare as part of working class militancy. There are more perps involved in gang stalking who are employed by train and bus companies private and public than any other profession. The other professions seem to be the police/fire, medical and of course social services..but since they are naturally into helping people they tend to leak information just as the cops tend to turn around and do their job if you fish around inside long enough or help out very covertly against the destroyers.

9/11 has given them that authority and every TI has seen it abused with such arrogance one would think they were kings and queens talking down at you from the throne, not service persons.

Union people have a very dangerous attachment to money and power and seem to not possess any leanings towards law or humanities. (Lawyers, cops, judges and social workers etc). Its a distinct part of their personalities I have noted seeing thier power abused for years. This is usually the kind of incident I have to be afraid of every time I take public transport due to being harassed by bus drivers over the years or by a perp group on buses/trains- who overtly reveal parts of my story they should NOT have access to.

There was one incident where there was a great effort here in Boston to set me up to get busted prostituting but I was art modeling then. The effort was so great if I had a camera back then it would have made obvious documentation. People stopping in the middle of the road and opening thier car doors or saying "get in", especially amusing were the unmarked detective cars that would come moments afterward. Boooring.
Perhaps there was a double being used which is where they had the idea I was going to do something like that right off the street. And they still try that in many cities I go to, not as much anymore though. The smear campaign probably gave them such an idea or its the same people handling the cover story trying to prove thier smear. The bus companies around here have been in on gang stalking to a level that is unbelievable.
Like that instance of a bus being out at 3 am in Kenmore and the driver talking to a perp, but when they saw me they broke out into a fake shouting match. What was so creepy is the bus isnt supposed to be out at that hour.

A female bus driver was in on one incident around North Waltham. This party friend in our my old crowd who was friends with my 'old associate' and one of her trust fund kids tried to get me into the car for entrapment to incriminate me but all I asked him for was his phone as I had left my bag on the bus. He was this moron from Allston who sold real estate or something. Must have compartmentalized him becuz I didnt recognize him consciously til later. It was hysterical when he drove me to this convenience store in that area so I could get my bag off that same bus, and he looked at the guy in the store and shrugged like 'I didnt get anything.' No entrapment evidence. Sorry dude. Yer still the same old schmuck you always were, nice try though.

It's EXACTLY like that man from the President's Advisory Committee said in the video, that according to the testimonies it seems to involved "plenty of people outside the CIA" and its highly organized. What I don't understand is why he claims that indicates a tie to documentation. Why document when you can just NOT expose a person as payment or NOT bust them when everyone else is going to be busted or secret cash payoffs or instructions by word of mouth or nowadays cell phone. Letting them win lotteries for tickets EVERY TIME if they are scalpers or people getting grants magically that are just so hard to get no one understands how all of a sudden they got it, etc etc. There is no documentation in those actions. Don't be so naive.

Just like the statement in that vid where the woman testifies that the police would not deal with that truck full of bird flu, then who is going to catch these people? The cops attitude is 'its bigger than all of us' crap so no one is going to help. Either that or all the records that could be used to bust up these situations are protected under some national security nonsense so the info is protected that way.

For instance if I go to make a complaint and even point out that there is vid on the bus, either the vid will be lost, the cameras wont have been on or, the best yet (San Diego Albertson's assault on me by bagger) the cops will not let me see it, and intimidate me with saying nothing on the vid proves any crime. Thier actions are more hands off than anything else.

PASSIVE gang stalking is people refusing to do thier jobs. In this case it was coupled with blaming the victim.

This has happened to me so many times that I just brush it off, move on and tell some of my friends locally in case the guy starts creeping around where I sleep they'll 'remove' him. The street kids do try to keep each other safe, we have a few rats among us and of course they treat me like shit, and they must know whats going on too but who cares?

Probably those tapes from the bus today will be sent off the the parties who can pay the price and sold just like I was told the tapes from the ER of Mass General Hospital were sold. I can recall all the way back to the one arrest I ever had as a kid. I got back into drugs after trying to get clean and got involved with this career criminal named Chanel. You know the type, lives like a rich person in the middle of a ghetto. Fake ID's, the mailman giving her peoples credit cards etc. I was stoned, tired and stupid enough to take part in one of her games once and got caught becuz basically I did not want to be there, I was tired and to be honest- a male made us go to this one place after I said I was tired. We all know what Rachel does when a male starts telling her what to do or exploits. Part of me just was NOT having it and besides he was black and that just was NOT going to happen.
So I just snapped and it made me get clean finally. I was ready I just didnt know where the exit sign was, I think I knew getting in trouble would do it for me. In the cell I guess I was so stoned and pissed off I took off my clothes after yelling and screaming for a while.

When I went to court months later comes up to me and says 'Next time keep your clothes on' or 'this time I see with your clothes on' or something totally sexist. It also reveals to me that corrupt abusive authority has always been spreading these survaillance tapes around and most likely sells them to bidders for entertainment. If the man power is there and psy ops is being done anyway to keep someone quiet or discredit them, then why not turn it into entertainment or spread the tapes around for amusement.

I dont matter anyway right?

We shall see. I think I matter very, very much. I think the info in my head is so fucking dangerous to multiple parties all they can do is continue to try to keep me silenced for as long as they can about EVERYTHING...years of evidence. Either that or this is MK Ultra and the harassment is to push me to tell everything, and one has to wonder why if no subpoena is issued. Perhaps to know exactly what I know so its no longer a mystery to those in charge who are at risk possibly? Becuz no one is going to bust those rich, connected motherfuckers no my account. Its been obvious for years that the cops still see me as that little girl my mother handed over to Rudy the black bailiff from Roxbury. And took pictures of me running naked out in fields with her friend David and his camera. And who knows what other kiddie porn or activities.

These men in law enforcement KNOW who these families are. They target them for exploitation seeing the girls especially as easy prey for men.

Until the system stops trying to pretend its leaning on me due to being the weakest link to get info when really its using me to prove MK Ultra really works, unless it starts treating me with respect I deserve after all these years of trying to improve myself but dealing with a system keeping me down I am not giving them sh*t.
Who does this country think it is? It exploits vulnerable people lets them get swept up into all this bullsh*t and then again treats us like nothings when its wants info the bust the people (supposedly) that exploited us to begin with. We aren't a f*cking slave class. And I will continue to think I am the Queen of Sheba and be imperious and haughty as long as this system tries to push me around like its other side has been my whole life.


Its that simple. NONE of this warrants what is being done to me. What is being done to me has nothing to do with any of the cover story bullshit. No one in my situation would have gotten this treatment for just stupid shit like that. This is about my mother being a human radiation experimentee and THE FEDS DIDN'T WANT TO PAY AND WANTED TO MINIMIZE THE AMOUNT OF VICTIMS COMING FORWARD.

They also seem to not want the public understanding that much of that research has ended up in the existence of the 'people management' technologies that are used ACROSS THE USA in every major city I have traveled to.

Its what made people suddenly vote Repub in 2004 when their intent was to vote Dem, and they thought it was very strange, this feeling like they HAD to vote Repub even though they were not planning to. Hell, I just didn't go to the poles becuz I also experienced this, which was that I HAD to vote Repub that day, and that was not my intention. So I just didn't go.
There have been multiple reports of that reaction I am not the only one.

These technologies are being used now to fully manage the populations of the USA. They powers that be do not want you to know that. Becuz of what MK and the radiation experiments have done to my mother's health and mine as well as the targeting of my father into insanity I WANT YOU TO KNOW.


F*ck that bitch busdriver, and F*ck that sexist piece of sh*t and especially F*CK the people- the useless mob on that bus.

Keep in mind it is not THEM that I care about with my research and my wanting to put out a book. THEY DON'T READ THIS BLOG AND IF THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO THEY ARE PERPS. Its the citizens that are smart enough to save themselves or want out of the prison I was to help. The mob, the useless eaters, the lazy selfish jerks I encountered today. They can die and burn or drown in whatever is coming up next for all I care. In fact, please do so to make room for intelligent decent people, who probably dont have enough children while these pieces of walking human trash have oodles. I want to assist anyone who is Willful and smart enough to stay alive and escape oppression. The weak, the sheep, the mob and the perps can die..many times over I am hoping and in horrible ways. They don't deserve to know anything, just like they dont deserve to keep me down and silenced as they have for years.

Its obvious that if I was left alone I wouldn't even BE taking a bus still and I wouldn't have to deal with guys like that all alone. This system has kept everything from me so it deserves nothing from me. I want as many people as possible informed so at least they to can frustrate the system..possibly beat it and maybe even take these clowns out of power. The bus driver type and the mob that stood by her in an injustice. That is all that most people seem capable of.

If this country likes lawlessness as it makes them feel powerful then they need that turned on them for once. Let them suffer..and hopefully something will come along and get rid of them once and for all.

I wont soon forget as I never forget any of these slights, the way that there were many people on that bus today that simply wanted me to get off instead of hold the perp responsible. Now do you see how Christianity is perfect for them? They need someone to die for them, to be sacrificed for them. They expect it actually as long as they get their own way they don't care about others. (and for anyone who still thinks this is some sort of life lesson plan for me to learn that as I was like that when I was young you can stop with the cover stories now. NO ONE anywhere from any agency is going to put that much money into teaching some bitch a lesson or behavior modification. The amount of money that is involved in my years of being targeted is ridiculous. Its about human experimentation- and there is billions at stake which is why they are getting away with murdering me. This is about discrediting a victim witness and cheating an exploited person out of justice just as the mob did today once again).

I wont forget that in the old days men were stand up guys in this city and that dude would have been punched out and thrown out the door if he messed with a woman the way he did today.

There has to be such an intrusion into people's lives by 'authorities' that people no longer feel either the need nor the right to take care of themselves or their fellow man/woman/citizen.

I bet you that if a few guys had taken action then that bitch bus driver would have gotten them in trouble. I guess SHE being official authority vested in her by Homeland Security is the only one allowed to be an irresponsible authority figure.

Once again f*ck this system and once again I will try to take this up through proper channels but probably be ignored or have it used against me.

But never forget whatever side you are on right now: I AM IN THE RIGHT. ALWAYS. Becuz what has been done to me totally abusive, exploitative and obviously perpetrated by people who are sadistic and not thinking clearly or are not capable of thinking clearly, unless they clearly are thinking 'PSY OPS'. There is nothing I have done that warrants what has been done to me. Its cruel and unusual punishment.

Most people just see me as some loner who whines too much. Its a managed perception that you cant fix becuz the whole country is either medicated or other kinds of mind control are being used. The cover stories are going to stick becuz we are no longer dealing with 'reasonable people' we are dealing with an entire country driven into madness and somehow, through brilliant manipulation, suspended that way, going through the motions of living as if nothing is wrong.

For what has happened in this country the level of normality in everyday living I see 'the people' having is totally inappropriate. Its not normal, at all. There is something definitely wrong. And no matter how much harassment I endure I am NOT going into that dream world where Happyland is really Hell but no one dares say anything. FUCK the mob, and today's exhibition shows me one of two things:

They are either totally corrupted and in this climate of the US right now that means NO ONE like me is going to get fair treatment becuz the worst in human beings is being encouraged to come out and utilized by the system
people are so spineless and intimidated that they are incapable of fighting oppression which means they are weak, unsavory types anyway that cant be trusted in a time of crisis to do the right things.

Either way the place is f*cked now.

I bet you the word has already gotten out and the story already reads that I got my bag grabbed, totally minimizing his aggression and the fact he verbally threatened me and was looking like he was going to physically attack as well which I did not want of course. Its all going to be minimized. People on the bus (perps) were already minimizing it when I walked away. Think about it. Its the same rules as creating Beatlemania.

They supposedly would put women at the front of the stage and get them to start freaking out and hysteria is supposed to be more catchy with girls I guess and that is exactly what would happen. Its the rules of creating a mob or mass manipulation or hypnotism. All one would have to do is place a few key people on that bus to react a certain way and then the mob is created by sheeple following suite. And for all I know that bus driver has been instructed in covert warfare as part of her job so that if that guy that messed with me says a certain code to her she then knows to either turn on the victim or let it go as PART OF HER JOB.

This is the reality of covert warfare. I have seen enough over the years go understand just how set ups can be made, scenes faked, etc. Its one of the creepiest things you will ever see unfold before you in these games. And they are hoping that that in itself will destroy your sanity over time. What, they fancy themselves the ultimate artists, with the ultimate budget and the ultimate go ahead from DADDY to do their artwork as well as live out thier personal and cultural fantasies. Being total ass up wimps with no backbone this would appeal to these types. They NEED that secret approval.

I recall that a perp in a hospital in San Fran years ago basically told me that one of my traits they know about and play on is that I need the approval of authority. I believe that they need it more or they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. Again, they accuse you of what THEY are guilty of. Without it being a powerful covert group effort these f*ckers would all be lost at see, so they can definitely go f*ck themselves.

I work for an authority that tells me that what is going on in my country sucks and is wrong and the people PLACED in power need to be called on it. End of story.

I'll go and try to press this issue but I can tell its going to turn into a big waste of my time and the b*tch will probably just get promoted or some sh*t. I'll just torture him and her when I can if I run into them again which is what I do now since no authority will help me. I just use what I learned from years of harassment on whoever I recall has messed with me. Its kind of fun I guess.
Recall in AZ when they thought they had broken me down and asked me to join them? This is better really, to use it against them. Keep learning from the enemy keep building up the arsenals.

I'll record what the bus company does but I feel as if someone has already looked at the video tapes and assessed that they are not going to have to be at fault. These companies have lawyers keeping them safe throughout this from what I have experienced. So why bother to go through proper channels? I still do for documentation. And they are getting what they want from me the most: to stop believing in a system that works and loving my country. They want people who come here or live here to use America not to be AMERICANS..remember the NWO cant exist with Nationalism. So yer heart has to be ripped out concerning your country and patriotism. And also this new system is going to be based on living off torture, torture as some sort of management of human populations- creating peace. I knew that when I first started my ONMC blog.
That is the future system I was shown and its still a bit vague to me. I want to get that info out before it comes into existence fully if it isn't already.

This is when I realized that he had snuck back onto the bus through the back door and she was at that point treating me like I was the bad guy. This man is named John he told me he is tall and blond and has a large pot belly. He has a nose that sticks out among the features on his face. He also did what he did as if he has experience abusing women everything from the way he made a whole drama scene like introducing himself first. It was almost like a rape with him getting aroused by becoming more aggressive and being allowed to touch my things and threaten me with no one protecting me. He also knew how to sweet talk the black female bus driver to get her to side with him as well as sneak back onto the bus expecting her to get ME to leave or the mob to force me off instead of him rightfully.

I was not moving until that piece of shit was kicked off the bus. The bastard stayed on the bus until he saw blue lights and then got off quick and disappeared. His whole routine tells me that he has done this many times before and needs to be caught and punished as he knows how to manipulate the system to get away with it.

The best thing to do I guess in Boston nowadays is pick on a woman who is obviously not rich or a student and is alone. Obviously the people and the system are against white women who have no children who wont take on black culture to survive the obvious destruction of white lower and middle class culture. The CIA predicts due to the current environment that white middle and lower class people will become militant and live outside the system. I am already there, I was born there. Keep bringing it on, houseslaves and sheeple and I will keep telling the oppressors to f*ck off and defend myself instead of acting like a helpless female which I know you would have prefered.

I WAS BEING PUNISHED FOR NOT BEHAVING LIKE A HELPLESS FEMALE IN THIS SITUATION AND KISSING UP TO THE SYSTEM TO PROTECT ME. However knowing that I often walk these areas alone telling him I had male back up in the Sq was a very necessary thing to do but prissy black woman didnt think so. I guess when sistas are doing for themselves, the ancient ways of Ayran females putting males in thier places escapes her. Its some weird pride, self respect thing they have that I have little patience for.

Like I said: Boston = black or rich and white. EVERYONE else can go f*ck off I guess is the attitude. Its unconshus of course. Since when do mobs think? That is why they are so wonderfully manipulated THEY ARE NOT THINKING LOGICALLY.

One also has to understand that I am not nuts but I know too much about certain things where there is system in place that is trying very hard to make me nuts if not have everyone percieve me as such if that hasnt succeeded already. I have been through YEARS of this sh*t. This level of harassment that was strong arm used to happen daily years ago. Outright attacks. So my nerves are shot from being conditioned to fight and also to remain logical throughout. This is also why my old psych tried to set me up as dangerous by saying I had p.t.s.d.... NOW I might due to what has been done IN THE USA TO A U.S. CITIZEN ON U.S. SOIL...yeah pretty much and so the whole game is to slander the person then work on them to make it appear the slander was correct. I have trained myself to think logically while being attacked...and handling a mob obviously as well.


Anonymous said...

They always stick up for the perps, don't they? I had one perp do a skit where I taught before, which got me all ticked off and stressed out. Guess how that one turned out? Well, there was no perp nor was I being harassed (according to the director), but my behavior was bad (according to her), so I was told to go to counseling, and to stop teaching there. Amazing how these perps become magically invisible when it comes to accountability. The director in this case clearly knew I was provoked, yet was not about to side with me and my story. Probably she was afraid of the "consequences". Amazing how these rich powerful a$$holes feel that by hating us and wishing we were something lesser than we are makes us truly lesser in their eyes.

Like you said, it's complete lawlessness, a free-for-all for dangerous people, jealous people. It seems that dangerous and jealous people, those two groups, are the ones coming out ahead in today's society. Also, their intentions are very clear: we are superior to them, or else it wouldn't require such a huge army of compliant dumbshits, complete with an auxiliary peanut gallery of haters who go along with this or look on with smirking approval.

Randy said...

interesting post, I agree about there not being any 'reasonable' people fact some targets were the people who would be the 'voice of reason'...other objective thinkers just stay silents these days, out of self protection. And of course these changes in society and people is all manipulation.
yeah, im sure the bus episode was set-up. Alot of bus drivers are perps, and then they probably had at least 3-4 perps on the bus to help influence the mob, not including your harasser. You already know all this.... but it sounds like a staged incident to me.

Anonymous said...

Got some sad news. I've been witnessing a baby, newborn, being used as a perp prop the past 2 months. He's only around 6-10 months old. What an adorable little boy. I imagine he's going to be targeted if he isn't already. So sad, what these sick motherf*ckers with no sense of reality and jealousy and a desire to feel pumped up are doing. I guess they like to think they're such studly manly men by doing these things to targets.

AJH said...

Total bad scene, getting accosted, then blown off by the driver and then the mobbing scene. City buses seem to be a mobile perp operations show more and more these days.

For the mycotoxin damage, have you ever checked out Jim Humble and his ill-named "miracle mineral supplement", aka MMS, which is really "sodium chlorite which the user 'activated' by adding lemon juice or vinegar"?

Project Camelot link here;

Take care.