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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Local Female Homebum Makes an Obvious Attack

The latest slander that locals are putting forth now is that I have lied about traveling. It seems to consist of a smear that I have never been anywhere and I am making it all up.

I feel its an action to make me react by posting all the video I had on a social network site that I took down within this year. I get the impression that its a trap, as in getting me to post that info again for some specific purpose- most likely to put my finances in question or something along those lines.

The local elements are pissed becuz I wont leave yet. They seem desperate but also I can tell they feel confident in having total power over the situation as well as me.

I have to remember that my old associates as well as my ex's crew are expert in dealing with slighted bitches who have been used, abused then abandoned. There are cases where one can see the deviousness in getting rid of 'inconvenient women'.
And the bigger system will assist them after they have done thier part to assist them in thier goals.

Something has been telling me not to post up my documentation again. Its never gang stalking related though. Its got to be some sort of trap related to questioning why I travel so much or it may affect my circumstances like they are going to try to use it for that purpose.

This woman named Rachel who is one of the nastiest home bums I have ever met verbally attacked me today at the day drop in center. This woman looks like a pioneer from the old settlement of the prairie days characteristics you see left over in the south west whites, she doesn't look anything like a New Englander. Slight and short, with a hard face. That hard face one sees in women of old farmer stock of the deep Midwest, except they are strong and healthy at like 50, this woman is just miserable.

Today at the day drop in I was talking to a woman who seemed down about her health. I know for a fact that if you get the hell out of this humid, over populated, old, dirty, polluted city and especially with respiratory issues, go to the desert in the SW you're health improves tremendously. I was partially teasing her as i knew she prob had to stay here and tend to her affairs but I was razzing her to get her mind off of it, kidding she should hitch with me. She asked how the sw effects one's health and I told her, this time not in teasing but becuz I only got out there from travelers telling ME about it years ago. You never know, her life may change and travel could save her from some adverse local conditions. Its good to advertise travel, especially within the US. People come here from other countries just to see how diverse the US is but many US citizens just get stuck in some shitty city in some shitty situation. Its not necessary- there are other options.

That woman Rachel just flipped out and asked very sternly "What desert have YOU been to?" The tone was aggressive and somewhat nasty but she had not let loose yet. Then she demanded the name of the desert. I said I didn't know she then claimed that I had not been in any desert then. We then sparred about driving through deserts to get to cities and being in cities in the desert is being in the damn desert.
The woman I was talking to was floored and just sat there with her mouth open. (When everything finally comes out, if you ever experienced just one instance like this, how do you think TI's feel after years of attacks like this and worse things happening? This was singular in my day and comparatively mild compared to much of the harassment I have received. Its no wonder they expect victims to lose their minds..eventually.)

I told her I didn't know what her motives were but I didn't care. I wasn't going in for this bait and wait and also she has done this to a more mild degree here before.
She then actually tried to tactic of saying that she didn't want me to lie to people she cared about. It was so..bizarre.

She also along the way threatened me with the police by saying that "I have already talked to the police about you once". I asked for what as I don't steal or carry drugs around, deal etc. She claimed I was harassing her at some point. Total nut job. Shes the one who asks me to use my computer shes just pissed becuz after twice I told her no more becuz I didn't trust her. I also mentioned that if she is talking to the police that she is most likely in 'contact' with them long before I came along.
The staff there came out and told her she is never to come in there and start trouble like that again or she'd be banned. He then said she didn't know anything about me and she or he or anyone cant prove I am lying about traveling.
What is odd is that I have been getting this premonition about that being the latest tactic anyway. And here it is.
That is how low Boston/Cambridge perps are and its also the way that I have always been perceived locally as if I have no power at all against any of this.
The staff there is very good to me and its one of the only safe places I encounter in my day. Its obvious that this system is dying to get that away from me and get me on the road again, on the run.
I have years of documentation and the system knows this. Its obviously to get me to repost on the internet for some set up which I have also been sensing.

You'd think I would be confused or freaked out by this attack but this woman has shown her true affiliation with the system months ago.
This woman is not just a nutter who one ignores due to her being obviously uncapable of socialization. She has social skills which she has used to insert herself into this group of women though infrequently. When I made comment that around Harvard Sq she seemed nasty to deal with they all said she was nice. Her actions are calculating. So today she either lost control or miscalculated her attack.

The first instance of her involved in harassment was in Au Bon Pain with another older homeless man who is now pleasant to me he claims to be waiting for his housing to come in. He even discussed my book on homelessness with me and said it was a good idea. But this Summer she was standing up in Au Bon Pain in the aisle near the bathroom and he was sitting down behind me. I was facing the glass window so could see them both. She was talking about functioning schizophrenics leading double lives. I had recently posted something about TI's having to not disclose thier situations to just anyone and basically lead double lives on my YouTube 'about me' section. I could see her behind me in the glass in front of me looking at me when she said it so I was pretty sure of my assessment. I then got sick of it and said something that shut them both up.

I believe this is when the perps in this area realized its not frickin 2006 anymore. Directed conversation is old news to seasoned TI's.

This older guy seemed in on it but after that incident and few others his only words about me to people around us was "She can take care of herself out here", which has to pertain to gang stalking becuz I am certainly assisted I feel in surviving while being a houseless traveler in ways I dont see directly but I gain the benefits of.

After that he never messed with me again but her nonsense has never let up.

The creepiest part is her appearing normal to the other women there and being abusive to me when she thinks no one sees. These are the kinds of people who are professional abusers of thier partners or thier children and get away with it so no one sees. This is also the typical way that perps who are in on this attack the TI strategically to isolate them from everyone else.

I note that many people who are used by whoever orchestrates this either have records for violent offenses, a history of abuse where it can be seen they know what they are doing in fooling the system and keeping thier victims quiet and under control.
Some of these people are so brutal that you understand finally that working for this system is the only way they have kept themselves out of prison or from a death sentence. There is no way these types could ever be reformed.

Its a good utilization of 'talent' and if I were an evil overlord or some organization or govt faction that didnt want to get my white gloves dirty for the ongoing show for the public, it would make sense to use such resources. Why let hardcore sadists and murderers go to waste? It seems they are ever so useful.

These are the kinds of people you are really supporting when you assist or back going after a person who is targeted. You help keep people that are extremely dangerous out of jail.

So this is what society is afraid of. Not the govt or state or any other overt sect coming after them but the fact that they seem to have access to some of the worst and most brutal violent criminals in the system at thier disposal. I also now see why the cops are involved, who else but they would know who is so f*cked up that they would be able to do things this stomach turning?


Anonymous said...

I can't understand perps, why they live their entire lives 24/7 telling lies and spreading smear just to get to one person. One person. And there are so many of these fuckers. That's their hobby... getting one target to react with their relentless stalking.

What goes on in a typical perp mind vs. someone who wants to change the world. People like us want to contribute something to the world, because (at least I believe this) that living in the world doesn't come free. It shouldn't come free... our cost for taking up space is to contribute something for future people to build off of. The perp mind is: we must tell lies and spend all of our lame ass lives getting one person to react with our other lame-ass untalented unintelligent weirdos, in conjunction with corrupt members of the various powerful intel agencies. Yeah, let's kick down that person's sand castle, and proclaim ourselves king over him or her.

Anonymous said...

The psychological tactics they dream up, that is, the actual psychology itself that they use, is especially sick. It's very sick, and they use it to portray you in a way that's only obvious to you, that target. Also, they take liberties with their harassment tactics, mixing in all kinds of absurd insultory stuff, stuff so ridiculous, it is a complete farce, really. To me, it looks like they are showing off their stupidity. Pretty much that is what they are doing with their psychological plan for us. I figured they really hate me bad. And they probably do. I think they should. Why shouldn't they? I have all the power, and they will never be anything other than useful idiots and con men/women. Making the target out to be something ridiculous and insulting isn't going to change how dirty and filthy and downright nasty THEY are.