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Nothing like co-opting the likes of Malcolm X crossed with a bit of preacher, who eerily resembles Anton LaVey to further the deception of Artificial Intelligence. Humans can't even preserve the natural environment provided for us that keeps our bodies nourished and healthy, why could be possibly be trusted to create life? It's becoming apparent that the future is going to branch off into two factions of people in the west or even globally-those who will buy into this enslavement and those who wish to live alternatively to that world being created.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

John Judge Conversation About 9/11/insight into military covert ops

I subscribe to this channel, this was the latest vid that had been posted I was alerted to.

I believe this guy. He sounds like he has a backround that gives him alot of insight.

Useful his info about covert ops. 14:45 - 17:08
Cover stories. Cover stories have plausible deniability. They use doubles, and I naively had posted that on here that was used in my case in St Louis, MO.


Create a legend for the person using doubles.

I never realized how arrogant they were, how sick. The people who are high up that I have encountered are so damn f*cked up. They arent even human anymore.

So I feel better about everything anyway. It tells me I am right in what I have mapped out, what seems reasonable to me. It takes the cult mind control out of it.

This is where the country has ended up then. This is what is happening. They have taken over like a country where they overthrow the govt. Its happened but its not overt. Ike warned the people now I fully understand not out of speculation. He knew it would end up this bad..he knew way more than that video shows.

All my subscriptions on YouTube are helpful to me. Only Mr Deppness and Fail Toys are for fun, the rest are very informative.

Hearing this, I can rest at night, knowing I have done all the right things. Knowing that I was right and my father did not lose his life in vain or my mother lose her opportunities and soul for not. That me abandoning my family in a time of war (covert war) was the best choice. I did right. This takes away alot of years of brainwashing I fight every day to get me to internalize that I deserve this or that there is no way out of this etc.

Now I fully see and comprehend why its so important to them to keep this info out of the media. Media black outs are not just for hiding what goes on from the public, they also serve to enforce any operations going on that are brainwashing individuals, groups or the public into believing what need them to believe for it to work.

I never realized how a LACK of information works so well to support and ACTION forward to get something done, which is not simply just to hide what is being done.

There must be billions of dollars riding on this as well as the business involved that benefits. Its the only way that anyone would allow the amount of human and civil rights as well as just destroying lives as they have.

25:45- 27:30.
What he says about Japan's actions in Pearl Harbor I have heard a few times before.

Bobby Inman former director of CIA: Nazi spies? Why does this make sense with the human experimentation that went on with MK Ultra and seems to still be going on intergenerationally?

Its VERY IMPORTANT that TI's take in his words about manipulating people to get reactions: 39:50-40:47. They give TI's few options in a time of crisis. 'If you freeze everybody in fear, grief and rage, of course you can get violence as the response'. Wow. That is exactly what they have done to many of us. So many of us were correct. They want to breed terrorists out of thier own victims force people into those alternatives so they will incriminate or discredit themselves.

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