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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black helicopters protect TI's/ The ignorant public misunderstand the TI's situation daily

A YouTube commenter left a comment that the black helicopters were to protect Targets like me. That many federal agents were on my side.

I realize that there may be authorities at all levels on the side of Targeted Individuals but much of what is done is NOT to be helpful or protective. Much of what is done is simply part of organized stalking and harassment which is a sophisticated system of psychological warfare to drive the targeted person to suicide and if that doesnt work it goes on to become a very harsh and inhumane behavior modification program to destroy the person and remake them as a robotic, silenced victim witness through forced conformity.

The gang stalking system works so well to single out the Target then make them so humiliated and guilt ridden that if they dont kill themselves, they will be brainwashed into believing that they either deserved punishment, needed reform for a better life or were truly a danger to themselves and others thus what has been done to them is for the best. This is ultimately done through cult mind control techniques exactly what cults use to brainwash thier victims, but this is done nationally if not internationally, using public and private spaces.

There is hardly a person alive who could withstand these tactics and survive or remain unchanged. Torture is the main thing that is utilized in these programs.

I dont believe that black helicopters were there to protect me. They were there to harass me. The white vans I experienced around the Brighton area and also when I was on art modeling gigs, that had perps in them often with computers at the drivers seat- that was harassment plain and simple. The only thing that they seemed to do at one point was to get me out of a modeling gig where the people hiring me were just messing with me, probably knowing I was programmed. They had me do portrait sittings with very hot lights shining in my face. As I write this, someone, somewhere is hoping that I have forgotten the name of that person as well as the address of the modeling gig. A large part of my campaign is to get me to forget everyone's information totally so I cant name the people who I knew before as well as those who screwed me over.

I would struggle to stay awake under these hot lights and I think that these people were just doing this to amuse themselves, perhaps knowing my status as a mind control victim. It was akin to torture really. And I notice that when I got targeted more heavily and white vans started showing up with perps in them at that gig and around my home in Brighton, the man who hired me for these gigs not only got very nervous but canceled all future bookings very quickly.

This may be a game of good cop bad cop but it also may be that whoever is in those white vans does not want an asset messed with and whatever this social group was who thouth they were so superior to me and smarter than I due to being affluent, had somehow gotten into compartments with sensitive information and there was some risk of either exposure of information or triggering programming. Either way they looked very UNsuperior pissing themselves with fear once those vans showed up.

However, those same people who protect me against outsiders accessing programming through careless experimentation or playing games with an asset, are also the same people who served to dole out torture and harassment that is part of getting me totally silenced about all of this using the gs campaign as a behavior modification program. NO ONE can be trusted in these games.


This morning the north Africans in the convenience store I asked him what about Halloween costumes, he asked me about my plans I said "No money" he then said "You lots of money" to which I disagreed. He then said this again and pointed to his head "You have lots of money up here, you just dont want to use it". This is really an example of how the general public who only know cover stories or talk to police (hopelessly corrupt) to get the story on someone and totally misjudge the person. I do use my mind which is one of the only reasons I am still walking around not dead right now. And I cant get ahead in life if I cant get a safe place to live or work somewhere without harassment or being targeted in other ways that are even more hindering. The gang stalking system ensures that the person lives as if they never existed and there is not much one can do to counter this. People cant be trusted or they turn on you when they learn your status or they were full of shit the whole time.

People only see the person as the smear campaign paints them or if they are aware of thier status as victims of mind control the American mindset is very unaccepting of mind control or brainwashing. Americans truly believe they live under thier own WIll and the system at large that basically has them brianwashed everyday is not going to reveal the truth just to validate the stories of a few expendables.

It also invalidates everything that the Target has done to stay alive and sane through the ordeal of 'gang stalking'. Its like they arent doing enough which is total bullshit. These types of people however are told more lies about the persons situation to cover what is really going on.

I replied to him "I need to fix this first (heart) before I can use this (head)". He then started asking what happened and I just ended it there.

There is firstly the Cambridge pd that they could be hearing info about me from which of course would be biased considering thier small but significant part in the harassment during my suing OLNICK years ago. The Harvard U police were more into gang stalking me around my apartment in Brighton than straight Cambridge pd.

Also there is a retired detective who still carries his badge around the square. I wont mention specifics but if you are familiar with pedos and other shady characters involved in this or have had to deal with such things in life, you know how to spot certain characteristics. At any rate, the amount of cops involved in this who must know damn well the what my mother's family is about but have chosen to protect and side with them at my expense, is a great number. Many of them are either aware of pedophiles or incestuous rotten families or themselves engage in such behaviors. Some people take on jobs of authority so that they can help others or its part of thier personality to do so but often people take on jobs in trusted positions of authority so that they can either abuse vulnerable people or help 'manage' victims of predators as they themselves can sympathize with such behaviors.

These are all sources of disinformation that the public hear about the targeted person from.

Every time I write something like this, occasionally I am in a place where I can see myself as an average person must see me. It all seems made up I am sure- contrived or imagined. But if one looks at the videos of the President's Advisory Committee the therapist presenting the case says this about the harassment that many victim witnesses. That it sounds incredible or hard to believe and then sights many other examples of harassment. Then Duncan Thomas of the committee says it sounds like a program with a high level of organization that "involves many people OUTSIDE the CIA." This describes organized stalking and harassment.

Under these circumstances it is very hard to live normally or produce any work. And it does more psychological damage to the Targeted person for people to believe that they are simply lazy or being stubborn.

I have actually had perps, very overt nasty ones, tell me out of nowhere that I am just being stubborn. One mentioned my "Italian stubbornness". So cultural genetics is the main reason that I wont be broken psychologically and give in to behavior modification? I think its more than that. How can so many people not see that this is innately wrong? That justice, the simple concept of justice is the only true motivator in this? Its such a simple concept, why is it rejected so readily?

I can understand the ignorant or the people who believe life is just simply as it seems or very straightforward. I guess when we look at just who knows about the Target's situation we understand that as TI's we are asking the public to accept a scenerio that is just not in thier realm of belief. To ask them to believe that there is indeed abuse of people that is that prevalent and its covered up by authorities is asking too much, to say its organized as it is- unbelievable. Then to make a full claim of things such as mind control, programming with occult involvement as well as the misuse and abuse of technologies by military or other powerful forces is going past what people can accept. Not only do they not want to admit that such sinister actions exist but that authority is that corrupt. People like to think that cruelty is random or exists in certain situations. Like stalking. Its accepted that a single stalker can cause such psychological damage to thier victims. No one seems to want to accept the existence of multi stalkers or stalking/harassment groups whether they are professionals or not.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, one stalker is bad enough. And we get an endless stream of them, every day, except for certain rare occasions, such as holidays or rare days the perps seem to take a break.