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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lots of Perp Activity Today in Central Sq Cambridge MA

I got alot of activity from in person gang stalking harassment today around Central Sq. I had alot of good feelings about an outside project that I did. I also do not talk about my activism on this other site and it probably pisses off my enemies and ex associates around here as I look fairly sane on this particular site. I also published alot of my travel photos which debunks the ridiculous smear rumour lately that I have never really traveled.

I am sure that efforts have been put forth to mess that up to. I dont care really though. I have collected traveling friends over the years and I know what they think of me and they are solid friends. Any locals around here who stand by my old associates, my ex and his rich kid friends, the Middle East and all those assholes can just drop dead as Boston really doesnt matter much when you look at a map of the whole world.

Central Sq is pain in my ass. One day I will have to think of something really severe to pay that place back with. That black cop in the green truck is on my d*ck again as were multiple cops today. It was a parade today and it sucked by I got through it.

All the 'regular guy' workers were out too. Painters, contruction all those small businesses of those types were on it today too. Inman street where I go down to a day drop in is notorious for harassment. Its like they have a big set up there all the time. Just that street.

I made money for a few days pan handling and boy oh boy were the perps trying to get me out of there before I made money in Central Sq. There are people who seem to know my situation there and they hand my money like they are fighting the system by doing so. Its a beautiful thing really.

I also discovered that people hanging thier heads so frequently is definitely a tactic. I know it must be obvious to outsiders but when yer being brainwashed especially via torture, its always hard to get out of easily. I knew it but had to have proof. Well this light skinned black kid walked by the other day and I have been ignoring any tactics lately. He was stupid enough to be very dramatic in his head hanging, then he also looked back to see if I had reacted. The whole thing made is so obvious. Of course it was Central Sq. That place needs to be cleaned out seriously. Harvard and MIT are smart. They have so many houseslaves residing there and its a trade off for them working for The Man.

The great thing about this WASPy area is that they are still racsist but dont even realize it. Its really obvious the things they pull like this, the way its set up.

Last night my friend got kicked out of the pastry place for sleeping becuz hes black but they didnt kick out the old white guys for sleeping. That is the way it is here but I soothed my offended friends by reminding them that its still one of the most tolerant cultures in the USA towards activists, the homeless and I quietly thought- TI's. Its not a bad place to be on the street. Believe me there are worse places.

Central Sq is a slice of Hell thats for sure. Its like Asshole Central Sq. Perp Central.

Its been just a constant stream of head hanging until my accomplishment last night and then today I got slammed. Filmed some of it too on Inman St.

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