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Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Longer Confused- Gitmo "One big experiment..."

I feel a bit better than I did last post. You should see the one that came next that I didn't post. Awful.

See this system is trying desperately to discredit or get rid of its victims becuz soon my friends there is going to be complete disclosure of the atrocities and once again in every history book it will go down like every other similar historical event.

The people were too afraid to do anything about it but eventually they had come out of the fog of smoke and mirrors- of being fooled. By then its too late. Only the true heroes stayed around to fight or to get revenge or vengeance for what was taken from them.

From that vid I had posted from the guy who grew up in Pentagon culture I became sure of myself in thinking this was military psy ops or covert ops.
Now I am also sure of myself in deducing that the torture that has been going on has been connected to the military and very parallel with Gitmo.

The way gang stalking is set up it's designed to make the victim self doubting, induce feelings of guilt and is basicallly a emasculation or castration of the target.

This is another reason why part of the smear is often sex offender related, to infer that even if there is no evidence. There was an amusing article a few years ago during Bush that bluntly stated if you were an activist that was considered subversive in the US that you were a pedophile or a terrorist then. People around the world were fully aware of what is going on in this country.

Even though the Target knows what is going on in thier case often the way the brainwashing is done with psych warfare on some level..a KEY level, they doubt thier own truth or reality. This holds the whole affair in suspension- and this is how the person is kept quiet. Targets are constantly threatened from the inception of the gang stalking going 24/7 overt that if they tell they will be labeled etc. They are threatened along the way as well to enforce this affect.

Its laughable that many people seemed to not have knowledge of what was transpiring. I think many citizens knew this was abuse of power by military and other factions especially for either human experimentation or what is turning out to appear closer to ritual abuse, but it was more beneficial to keep quiet about it.

You can always depend on the cowardice of your fellow man. That will never fail you surely.

This article gives validation to any of us who understood early on that what was happening to us was very much like what was occurring at Gitmo. That it seemed to be not even about gathering info or from suspects that were truly a threat. I am wondering if MK Ultra has littered the globe with more leftovers from that program than any of them want us or the public to suspect.

Either that or they are purposely attempting to manifest "The beast" as one person said in the article, in all of these rituals. If you didnt understand the severity of RA before then you are going to get a lesson in it now. Its not about the stuff of 'evil' as a mysterious happening or event or historical screw up. It is hard work and effort on the part of the people involved who wish to invoke such an energy.

The barrier here is that modern 21st century humans would feel torn back into the dark ages by admitting that evil as a purposeful conshus act really existed. You better wake up to the real 21st century- where man finally has to take responsibility for the computer inside of him, the machine that he is and all the forces that seemed so mysterious in making his existence a reality. Without facing this lesson, man can never master being a god, which is what he is trying to do by messing with genetics, fusing humans with technology and moving on to Mars or the Moon under a dome (oops, the dome is already there)..anyway my point is that if you want to be such grown ups and start playing Frankestein then you have to learn the important lessons of Life.

Negative energies must be accounted for before humans can safely go screwing around creating things that nature never intended. How can you come this far in science yet childishly avoid the subject of spirit or psych or emotions? Even old masters in art usually studied a well rounded list of subjects as they feed into each other.

Covering this one over like all the rest and childishly believing that evil is some sort of exemption to the rule will only allow such a thing to occur unchecked time and time again.

When this comes out people will see its not only connected to the original Nazi human experimentation made possible under Project Paperclip, they will compare it to that era in its brutality and 'evil'. Yet with all these Holocaust memorials and constant reminders it is still happening yet again just dressed up differently so no one recognizes it.

And this kind of thing will keep happening over and over until man means what he says about making laws and obeying them. Why have a Geneva convention or human rights when no one in the USA caught guilty of such offenses ever gets charged.

The victims of these crimes, myself included take society just as seriously as they take our claims. They gain little respect from us due to thier behavior throughout this ordeal, as they seem to have no respect for themselves or the laws they have made.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have had the perps do the "it's over" thing when they first went overt on me in 2006. And references to my situation are making their way into a lot of places on the net. For example, the recap of a college football game recently:

"MADISON, Wis. -- Ohio State is one and done as No. 1, after Wisconsin bullied the Buckeyes all over the field then celebrated by jumping around on it with a few thousand friends."

Note the reference to mobbing and bullying there, and also the mention of "one and done". The reference to mobbing and the large forces they use would be: "with a few thousand friends."

I see many examples, but it's interesting that the perps know I watched that game from start to finish.