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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama Signs Behavior Modification Exec Order

I may have posted this already. It seems that the behavior modification has already begun. The order seems pretty harmless in of itself but I think most people are generally having issue with the idea that the president now has formed a group to tell Americans what they can and cannot do privately. Its not necessarily a big deal as it does not compare to behavior mod camps for teens that are outrageously abusive or prison behavior mod programs.

Its interesting there is video of a man involved in the prison administration system from years ago being overt about this tech existing and nowadays a person in his position would be very quiet about it. When I tried to get the vid from a TI years ago and my email got messed with and I lost the info as well as the e-mail disappeared. I was using Hushmail which, ironically was the most infiltrated or easily hacked that I have ever used throughout this situation. Now I realize that something called Hushmail would most likely attract more attention from the get go as its very name infers a want or need for privacy.

This along with Obama's secret assasination list is not going over well with many people.

If you feel taken for a ride without having any control then you are at least sane enough to see what is going on. Bush really put this whole thing into action though the foundations were laid long ago.

Lately there have been the pulling of funds for lots of security programs like guards armed to the teeth on transit as well as pulling federal marshalls off of first class flights.

Its the little guy like myself who suffers from this whole era of corruption. It is so obvious to many of us that this whole thing has been about making money for the military industrial complex as well as other union jobs.

This would explain why city worker, firemen, ambulance, busdrivers, prison guards or probation types have all been in on gang stalking to destroy lives as well as keep victim witnesses silent.
It was all to make lots of money during this crisis era. That is why those types have been in on it all along. Not only are they going to get alot out of harassing someone who is targeted that powerful people want quiet but they are assisting basically the same system that made them money during this era in keeping experimentees under control or at least harassing someone that is somehow making many people good money by being harassed. If someone like me was put into a covert program of behavior modification or put on the terrorist list for investigation then it serves multiple purposes. One faction can test out thier experimental program or equipment, the bogus terrorist list placement validates the whole f*ck over or frame up and also they are keeping someone down as desired by powerful people who will reward them in some way.

The problem with most TI's is that they dont seem to think like career criminals. Many of us, including the American public have all been victims of the military industrial complex throughout this era.

It's nice to see them finally being pulled. It was an entire ploy just to make money
and it has ruined many lives as well as helped destroy our culture. I bet you years from now no one still will admit to this.

They know that the American people will either understand that and go along with it to make the country strong or feed the economy or be intimidated enough to not say anything or not believe it or even know that is what is going on.

The order actually is a good idea for health as Americans are notoriously overweight and our diet crappy. However it's the idea of behavior mod being doled out by govt which is not so great a concept.

The mental health category is particularly frightening as the legit mainstream system doesn't admit to things like organized stalking and harassment or corruption. As long as privately or publicly admitting that you are experiencing organized stalking and harassment by multi stalkers gets your sanity doubted in any way there should never be any govt action concerning mental health.

What also makes little sense is how unfair it is to dictate to the American people about health with judgments coming down from govt, while the consumer culture consists of constant bombardment to the effect of not only ruining health but wasting money in efforts to then repair health. A culture of conspumtion comes first has been created over decades in this country and the govt wants to counter that by telling the victims of mind control/consumer how to repair what unregulated merchants have caused. So let me get this straight. They want to victimize people who are already being victimized so that we dont lose money via regulating the selling of glutton and bad health who sell these to the victim via unfair coercive and manipulative methods to begin with?

So improve the health of the sheep without disturbing the money. If you cant regulate corporate culture then put more pressure and reigns on the people.

And why am I under the impression that much of this is going to be done to poor or middle class people?

THE REASON BEHAVIOR MOD HAS TO BE USED FOR THESE ENDS IS BECUZ THEY KNOW THE PUBLIC ARE BRAINWASHED TO BEGIN WITH BY CORPORATE OR CONSUMER CULTURE. By having to resort to behavior modification you are admitting that the culture lacks proper training to begin with.
Or better yet, people are trained in ways that are counter productive to health.

Its interesting that much of the focus of curtailing freedoms and gaining control has to do with the public or vulnerable private citizens but not messing with the money making factions in this manner.

This truck driver once told me that a Senator was caught on vid or audio saying "Do you know how long its taken to get you people under control?". It was on some satellite talk show but I never got the link.
And why doesnt the American public notice this kind of thing and fight it or at least factor in thier motives when going through life?

Well, they have been behavior modified over many years, decades even to react in just the way they have been doing for years now. To NOT always take a good look at their govt or corporate culture and think of the whole system as possibly a criminal enterprise run by career criminals. To look at things from that perspective just long enough to see if anything is off.

I for one wish that we had laws like France concerning obesity. However, France is also thinking of making race mixing or intermarriage a govt mandated priority in future. Just like putting regular physical health issues in with mental health might just be a damn bad idea.

The problem with the USA if not human civilization in general has always been people not wanting to look at the core reasons why people take drugs or eat too much or go crazy to begin with. Then humans would have to see thier reality for what it is- a bunch of sophisticated apes with intelligence and creativity beyond other mammals- god like creativity even. The problem is that the ape always remains, even if in the shadows. The greed, the murderous urges, domination.
Sickness of the spirit as as well and I don't mean religion. WHY do people lay around all day? WHY do people live on anger or self medicate?
These questions and seeking a detailed answer would lead to the revelation concerning the emptiness of a consumer culture one that has become increasingly all about money and status with little other value system to judge human value by.

Also having a military industrial complex that needs wars to survive and at the same time trying to live under Judeo Christianity is also a major mind f*ck that many people cannot compartmentalize especially as they grow into thier 30's. The US school systems are meant to stop young people from keeping thier natural healthy views of our civilization as totally f*cked up and nonsensical as well as its the reason there is a crime/drug/sex exploitation culture to drive smart, sensitive, spiritual young people into to break them down and turn them into victims so they never grow to question or have any power to change this system. Its also the reason why depression is medicated but never dug into as a social problem. Why the majority of targets happen to be women with high IQs who get into thier mid 30's and 40's. Why men are kept under control with constant sex and aggression in daily doses of media. Dissatisfied males are a potential threat to society. I believe this is why their tastes are catered to in American society. Notice how a system made up of these trap doors do away with the psychic, the mystic, the shaman, the prophet or the crone or elder female, even the female warrior (who isn't a mom or a corporate head as the image ideal placement for expression of such energies). Even the spiritually based male is excluded really.

Its interesting that destroying sensitivity in a person is sighted as part of behavior modification and is said to have been one of the types of people the Nazi's wished to destroy.

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