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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gen X on definition of 'growing up'

Oh grow up!

Up? Or down? or Side ways. Grow out or in. Grow old. Die.

Hmm, your words are illogical. What is meant by 'up'? I take this as seriously as my mother high on coke and Ludes in the old days asking me when I am going to become an 'adult' and take responsibility for my actions while her living examples left much to be desired.

I am. I am calling the system on the largest amount of bullshit it has yet to come up with SINCE Nixon. I am pointing our truths that need to be looked at. I am trying to improve the health and well being of mankind. What else do you want?

They say that Pluto in Virgo souls are possibly many medical people or scientists in some past incarnation that made mistakes somehow and want to make sure that science, tech or medicine does not harm people in such a way again. Its an interesting idea, though its not realistic to consider as a real theory. Just interesting.

Here is something a bit more positive, not so fatalistic about being a dreaded Gen Xer:

The New York times probably just wants us to still keep quiet about pointing out how disgusting that place is ever since Giuliani sold it off the Disney corporate. No cool Gen Xer wants to go to NYC anymore. Well, maybe people like the author but he's the mainstream kid tribe.
Baby Boomers are to senile from marijuana to notice or consider it just nostalgia and Gen Millennial and Z dont know anything else. Hmph.


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