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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Constant Interface And Behavior Modification TIs/MK Ultra Experimentees Recieve Via Surveillance Camera Systems Etc IS MOST LIKELY AN AI PROGRAM

We all know how this seems to work. We get tracked-exactly how is all feasible but up for debate: drones, tracking phones both activated or not.

HUMINT, the on foot spies we deal with daily using mobile communications.

Satellites which many of us who are Travelers have experienced having problems with via satellite tracking systems truckers have on their rigs from their companies as well as SIRIUS satellite radio very common among professional truck drivers.

Ive always been suspect these are AI programs but the human mind is so easily tricked especially with the added factors of CHEMICAL INFLUENCES as aell as HUMAN FORCES or in person stalkers who harasses us in ongoing daily PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE or PSY OPS in every location across the USA.

Most of the time my mind percieves the 'people behind the cameras' as male in gender and either security or law enforcement. In some locations theres the Truman Show Effect which is when Targets are fooled into thinking a reality show type set up is a daily part of their lives. (There are citize s who go to psychiatrists complaining of a Truman Show delusion WHO DONT KNOW THEY ARE TARGETED which is what is most likely the issue. Psychiatrists have dubbed this 'delusion' Truman Show Syndrome but becuz TIs understand this is a trick perpetrated by a system of psychological warfare and advanced 'mind control' techniques and technologies, I have been calling it Truman Show Effect. Its an effect put on us by the system we in laymen's terms have called the Gang Stalking system for lack of better terms.)

In Truman Show Effect the Target is interfaced with content that consists of the TI percieving an audience observing them as the subject of a reality type show most likely by means of satellite or linked CCTV and other security camera systems which is technologically feasible for both FBI as well as US military at this time.

TIs especially Survivors of high level programming have experienced levels of abuse that we know that if people are wealthy enough they have special access to resources and vices above the law and unfathomed by the American public or any other average citizen of the western world.

So the system most likely manipulates this by creating the illusion the Target is the subject of such a thing.
Common people watching en masse provides PEER PRESSURE and SHAMING on the Target which is simply more psychological warfare and behavior modification.

Speaking from only one TIs experience the characters watching are often famous people. These people interface with the Target.
This is more psych warfare and behavior mod becuz respected figures serve to guide the Target and disapprove or approve of actions and decisions.

Yet when the Target changes locations the content of the illusion changes.
It goes from Truman Show Effect to simply security personell observing. Yet these onlooking spectres also serve to approve or disapprove decisions and even thoughts of the Targeted person.

Today I was looking up city ordinanes in a new location.

Being human I have a sometimes perverse sense of humour.
One of the ordinaces was worded as to be something sexual and I found this funny.
THE SECURITY PERSONELL WHICH IS SUPPOSEDLY BEHIND THE SECURITY CAMS IN THIS FOOD SERVING ESTABLISHMENT did not find this funny. 'They' did not react in any way at all. There was complete dead air. No reaction no interface-nothing.
Unusual for supposedly MALE personell especially when dealing with a FEMALE Target one who still looks fairly good for middle age and has a history of being attractive.

No disapproval. No laughs. No amusement. NOTHING.

It was like a lapse.

Its not human. Its a damn AI program. And its learning from us most likely as well as its been put in place to handle and control Targets and Targeted Survivors or experimentees.

Its all part of reprogramming. MK Ultra's reformatting of the personality.

However in polluted and stressful environments (anyplace ghetto or with alot of gangsta types doing harassment for me anyway or malecentricism to a lesser extent as well as anywhere with heavy electromagnetic pollution or influence)
these illusions causing paranoia can be almost impossible to fight or disbelieve.

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