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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weirdness At Social Security Office Per Usual

Being messed with RIGHT NOW in social security office Cambridge MA.

Some people sitting in office started to make fun of me when i went in to sit fown so i sat in the lobby instead.

To solve this the African American guard finally came out and is guarding the door holding it open with his hand on his gun then he started to do tactical gesturing then began stalking me inside the lobby.

All i did was sit there and slouch waiting for my number to be called.

He did start standing at the door actually when some perps started going ny and doing gesturing and i rolled my eyes that was all.

After that he started standing at the door.

I had a feeling that they were going to really try to mess with me at this offixe today.

I got the impression someone doesn't want me to complete my tasks today. That the system in MA is desperate to keep me here probably becuz they get money from it and alot of favors but also they wish to further discredit me and if I'm not here they cant.

Alot of gang stalkers are stalkers of spouses and significant others or family members outside of organized harassment.

The perps might be worried for monetary reasons or pride in getting their Target but its their obsessive nature that makes it so hard for them to lose control of a Target.

Hey for all I know I may have pissed someone off and this guy is protecting my life or someone gave them a heads up here about someone coming to blow me away in the lobby and run out how the hell do i know? At this point so many people are pissed im not dead or institutionalized and ive been targeted so hard Ive lost control and posted things, said things or done things that piss people off that ANYONE could be T
trying to outright kill me.

But thats the point of the blog: to show what goes on candidly in the life of a very heavily targeted Survivor of a classified mind control project perpetrated by powers of govt and other factions of The Complex that are large powerful and have unbelievable access and resources.

Some black guy that worked at one of the totally infiltrated women's day droo ins alluded to activism of myself or some other whistleblower and said "you can't just say whatever you want".

Actually *sshole with freedom of speech you can within legal bounds like slander or something like that.

Gang stalking is very much not just about psychological terror and keeping stress levels high in targeted people but its about censoring TIs who put out info to the public.

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