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Monday, July 13, 2015

Any Chance That Tech Or Subliminals Of Influence Embedded In Eye Glasses? Anyone Know?

Does anyone know if eyeglass made to prescription can contain some sort of chips or tech even embedded in the glass itself?

Anyine familiar with any sort of tech like that is it possible?

A few years ago my friend's dad we visited had these decades old sunglasses like Foster Grants or Ray Ban some nice ones from the early 80s. I NOTICED DISTINCTLY THAT I GOT RELIEF FROM BEING TARGETED OR REMOTE INFLUENCE WHEN I HAD THESE GLASSES ON.

I could never figure out how to analyze them how to go about it.

Is it just an issue of radiation and UV and other rays in the environment? The only thing that seems simple is protectuon from harmful sources of radiation.

It wud go along with the theory I have that it seems like they are getting rid of alot.of old buildings and materials even in the ground becuz the solid well crafted old structure blocks radiation and electromag pollution better.

Another part of depopulation.


Anonymous said...

Sunglasses reflect electromagnetic waves.

Anonymous said...

I know they engrave diamond with laser,it can easily be done on glass.

For the eyeglass get yourself a pair that block the blue light from the electromagnetic spectrum,they used to call (blue blockers) it realy worked back then.

Bye for now