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Friday, July 3, 2015

Foods Effected By Chemicals In Environment

Foods bought in different cities seem to have different effects on body and mjnd.

Ive posted before about truck.stop food seeming to improve cognitove functions or ability to read map or.stay alert.

The wsy ive been harassed coming into the northeast and the effect its had one my well beijg is to put alot of stress on my heart it seems like.

Had some cream of wheat i was carrying from Austin, purchased at HEB.
I  started to feel drowsy and began having rhe same problem I had traveling from Georgia thru to Austin TX.
I nod out at if.its cyclical. The nods are actual loss of muscle control and conscousness for a split secomd.

It looks like youre on drugs so it.helps discredit.
 Being a Traveler.whos often sleep deprived even by just a.few hours whatever causes the drowsiness  works.

Interestingly, my heart stress.and feelomg  of extreme isolation as ive enterted the northeast  is gone.

So the effect they is diffrrent than Austin area.

They ms u feel uncomfortable here and without any friends or a scene. They want the TI to get moving on to someplace else.
Northeast has alot of perps treating campaign like its fun to do or the TI is the point of humor or amusement. Self conscoius about dress or being traveler/homeless. Not the same as Austin or south or Midwest.

I also realize whatevsr was wrong with cereal had made me feel cold. As if my body temp dropped  or lowered blood pressure.

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