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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Incident With Perp On Revere Beach Indicates Perps Harass Targets And Authorities To Cause Chaos And Divide-Conquer

Older lady not bad looking but devious eyes did gesturing tactics while talking to me about hoe much America sucks and shes traveled the country trying to find a place to move to etc. Basically just mirroring my story.

She complained about People Of Color pushing us poor whites out of the cities after I said the basic socially engineered demographics of every major US city (unless its an exception with a unique community traditionally that can preserve its structure like Philly, Berkeley, Austin or Albuquerque and much of California, etc)

She would get me to talk about things that were probably discrediting or it was just further mind control as I realized her negative conversation was mirroring my situation so really she was creating a room full of mirrors to trap me into the negative perspective and perceptions I have. This is why they harass TIs do heavily.
They want to make sure u can't escape them and the prison they create to meet normal people who are decent.

Becuz as she was talking to me a woman with a kid was near this shower area at the beach and she seemes nice and normal and didnt do gesturinfg and seemed decent. It made me realize the lady I was talking to WAS A PERP. Up until then she had me under mind control.

Earlier I was harassed by  one of those buggies the beach workers or state worksrs have. This set the stage for this woman pulling me into more negativity towards authorities becuz a light skinned black or Latin guy drove near us who was one of the beach authorities and she complained about him which mirrored my being sick of harassment from uniformed police in the past and lately its started up again.

She complains about Travelers (like me) people doing a bit of partying on the beach or whatever.

She said to him and another authority one day "are u guys harassing people on the beach today becuz there's no black kids here today". He said he couldnt figure that out becuz look at who she was talking to (hes half black or mixed.)

I told him she came at me with just the opposite point of view.

He was nice. He didn't do tactics. But note how under the influence of their actions and holding me hostage as they do that I was against all authorities there becuz of some perps on the force and her one of the perp civilians.

So these people seem to be causing chaos in society by being from every wall of life and infiltrating everything.

They are probably responsible for the recent unrest among police and the public based on racial profiling and shootings etc.

They are prob the cops that do really messed up stuff and wave at the cameras when people film them. But isnt that what TIs perps do to us anyway?

Its part of the abuse to cause chaos and a feeling of helplessness.

Dont put it past COINTEPRO type blacks in these groups to infiltrate a church like the one in N Carolina that had a lone shooter recently. I bet the perps involved magically stayed home from church that day.
There's alot of black gs in N Carolina. And Targets or Targeted Survivors are drugged,gassed, harassed, hit with microwave weapons and other military grade psy ops tech until they are so messed up and brain damaged that they snap.

Hasnt anyone ever really considered how screwed up looking most shooters are in photos and how they didn't look that way in photos prior to the incident?

What mental illness makes you look physically damaged? Well then Big Pharma and psychiatry will finally have to admit that insanity is based on medic illness and organic brain diseases not just 'chemical imbalances' CAUSED by these factors.

For anyone whos been thru the horror of seeing some of the people the GS system uses to harass Targets you know that brain damage is one of the things they use to gain control and break someone down.

The people Ive seen are like mutants they are so twisted by what the system has done to them.

Shooters look the same.

This incident finally made it solidify in my brain that not all law enforcement arre gang stalkers but when u r under such stress your mind doesnt process info properly.

The people behind all this are very dangerous psychology experts and scientists and medical people. Assume they know alot more about how to contrll u than u know how to stay in comtrol.

Dont underestimate them and go from there.

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