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Monday, July 6, 2015

Russia Trying To Close Down Indegenous Arctic Peoples Org-Eradication or Assimilation. Of Native Peoples Major Part Of NWO

"Del Blaney
3 years ago
The actions by government all over the world are attacking the indigenous people. When will it stop and when will it be enough. The greed of the multi-national corporations as they influence decisions made by governments is criminal...genocide"
Article comment thread.

My grandfather was Pole and Lithuanian. My aunt has Russian eyes and all the men though fair skinned and features, possess that Native body type. Just sheets of pure powerful muscle under the skin, a stocky compact frame, square jaw and large nose.

As far as I am concerned these are my people. I even sit like that. Guy on the far left in the photo and Ive never seen anyone here sit like that. My obsession with wide open spaces and deserts my mother could never understand.

The power in the muscles, the rugged physicality expressed by body language, strong solid stance.

The connection to the land and to each other in Asiatic indegenous peoples is impossible to break.

This is a problem for the NWO.

They also want the remaining native lands around the world for the natural resources.

This is what's going on out in the world that diversions here in the USA cover up for.

The whole world is slowly being taken and we are kept busied with things that  in comparison are trifling or focused on the issues and needs of special groups while others face gross injustice.

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