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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Possible GS Scene Created At Darwin's Ltd-Harvard Market, Cambridge St, Cambridge MA

Some YUPpie half black *sshole who REEKED OF US MILITARY  came by with his annoying barking small dog when i had bought food from this market outside Harvard Sq Cambridge MA. He was a jerk when i was friendly at first about his dog (red flag) and then the dog kept barking all the time he was in the store then when a woman tried to pet tje dog it got more aggressive.

So he came out and sat there on the bench and had to keep calming the dog. He played with his phone all while other suspect people were around like a group of young Latinos walking into the store (talking something about "crazy"-another red flag becuz whenever Ive been near Mexico they always describe me as "Loco" or "crazy". This is a theme used with Latinos with me for some reason).

A guy leanig against the building. Then it was just me with the guy with the dog. I think psychologically the other chaos is supposed to have me focus on the guy with rhe dog more. These people who design these things are psych experts and know how minds work and bodies react probably based on the Target's  gender upbringing genetics geographic location and even weather at the time of the psy op. Anything that gives them the advantage to win and have control ovwr the TI and their environment.

So thetr was this horrible interface while the guy was there and the noise and awkwardness of course ruined my enjoyable sinmple can of spaghetti and meatballs with juice-as I assume it was supposed to.

The shit stayed JUST UNTIL I FINISHED then got up to leave. Really? So a guy living in this area with an SUV and a small YUPpie dog wants to sit in the heat on a bench outside a convenience store to mess with his phone (just until I finish eating) instead of THE AC IN HIS TRUCK OR APARTMENT OR WORK etc or even inside the restaurant he was just in?

U cud tell he felt like an uncomfortable douche the entire time and I think even people in the neighborhood were disgusted.
YEP. Your tax dollars at work!

When he drove away be had that typical stupid look semi black males have who are military or working in something like this.
Like hes tough and accompished something. For the system and in some deeper way in defense of his people.

This is whats so dangerous about the NWO. The people fighting against us are working for the very powers that enslaved them and thwy act like WE are somehow responsibile.
They are definitely taking it out on us and thats what the power structure wants. Its house slaves to beat down thwir enemies and any dissent using scapegoating do they dont have to have consequences for their past actions.

Recall the woman who told me that TIs are taking on the KARMA OF THE UNITED STATES. This is ALL Masonic ritual abuse in the end.

Which is why leaving the US and changing citizenship might be the only revenge. At least take it away from the USA and clowns like this guy.

There is a chance that he was just a jerk and it was all a coincidence. There is that percentage of chance with this one..but it felt like a scene was created on purpose.

The perps always create false environments of bad energy chaos misery and anything that slowly destroys the TIs body and mind health.

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Anonymous said...

I could make out some other things as well. The bike chained to the sign is an anchor (and note the color: white), and the pale-looking woman is another part of the contructed scene. Note the position of her right arm and hand. It looks to me the pale woman walking past the equally pale-colored bike together make up the subliminal. It looks like they want to constrast the perp's dark skin to the pale girl's skin.

And the license plate's ending 3 digits "359" I recognize as the first 3 numbers of an AL city zip code. Probably another subliminal? Note: Forrest Gump is from AL, and he is Autistic. And they are working in the Autism angle with you, as they have with me as well.

So that completes the subliminal. I work as a sorter for a major shipping company, so I know a lot of zip codes. :-) So I can spot things like this right away.