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Saturday, July 11, 2015

People Are So Selfish And Privileged Towards Targets-Becuz Only Radicals Can Cause True Change And They ARE AFRAID

I cannot believe how selfish and disgusting America is. They act all nice and decent but 80% of the population seem to know who I am and be in on rejecting out of society and HELPING TO KEEP ME DOWN.

Its mind blowing to me that none of these people have any conscience. That they have no problem helping the power structure KEEP SLAVES and DENY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

It makes me sick as they stand there in a Dunkin Donuts and chat as if nothing is wrong in America. They act totally normal then they will inevitably treat me like a runaway slave thats being controlled and fooled and manipulated every second which THEY are then part of by doing tactics while they talk to me which is nothing but handling.


Yet they will kiss ass when it comes to African American issues due to they being former slaves.

And i understand why they are encouraging African Americans to join society right now.

Firstly becuz the African Americans they are putting on pedestals are COINTELPRO blacks or a black community shaped by that program.

Secondly they are using these house slave blacks as well as the downtrodden who DONT know whats going on TO KEEP DOWN ANY OTHER RACES/Ethnicities or cultures THAT MIGHT BE A PROBLEM TO THE NWO OR AMERICAN IMPERIALIST INTERESTS DONESTICALLY OR ABROAD.

Blacks do alot of the security work in the US and its natural for those in power to have the house slaves who guard their property and provide protection guard against and even herd the rest of the population.

Blacks willl defend the govt interest at any cost not only becuz they mostly make their way off of govt jobs but becuz this is the only identity as a people they have ever known.

And the powers have made sure that blacks did not escape American slavery which the original Panthers (not the new fake ass govt agent ones now) were trying to accomplish.

Get rid of the ghettos and address slavery from its inception thus FREEING THE PEOPLE for real-and for good. Finally.

Why are there still ghettos? 'Diversity' doesnt address this it only asks that we accept it.  The new culture out there glorifies bad conditions and markets that culture of oppression to demographics existing outside African American areas.
All in order to CONTINUE ENSLAVEMENT not just of African American peoples but of any kind of group that might be a problem to the power structure re creating a medieval fuedal system in modern times which is their goal.

If the Black Panthers were targeted, brutally in the same way TIs are today then why would a Black Panther party still exist?

Thus the Black Panther party exists only after any true radical elements have been removed.

Though people hate such forces and those of us who push them through by expressing them and by our very nature's, these are actually the only true forces that get things done and cause real change.

I loathe African Americans nowadays due to their being mostly house slaves to the NWO and the power structure or they are hapless victims who are kept and oppressed by these forces and are easily manipulated or neutralized by the powerful and their own people in house slaves positions.

The issues of race in the USA have been and especially now are nothing more than the face of the intelligence community and other deceptive sneaky manipulative engines of social engineering for the agenda of the people in power.

Unbelievable as it seems Ive come to the conclusion that when Africans in the west and elsewhere are truly free and Natives acknowledged for their presence in much of the DNA we carry and their genocide finally accepted-only then can anyone else be.

Thats not to say that issues of genetics dont have to be dealt with or the realistic issues of people who never left subSaharan Africa  for millenia trying to assimilate  to a world created by and populated with long civilized people.

In fact these issies no one wants to look and are considered racist to even consider are at the core of how people of African descent are manipulated and kept enslaved.  Which is of course  why the powers created such rules in Diversity and PC to begin with.

The point is to get all of us to forget who and where we come from and stop us from learning and knowing about who we really are.

To create a silent race war where we are divided and conquered and still shoved together by force of social engineering.

This is to break every single one of us so we may serve as slaves to the NWO in their false version of peace.


Becuz its all double think and manipulation. Dont ever doubt that the peace you are being offered in the horrid soulless and oppressive NWO is anything but constant ongoing silent warfare-on your mind, your soul and your ancestors.

Things about us through our DNA that made society great and had us survive brutal conditions for millenia in various kinds of hostile environments are now being either destroyed or we are being told to bury or destroy these qualities.

How can freedom be if we are asked to have untrue perceptions of ourselves and for the worst?

The NWO is guided very much by technomancers. People in science, math and technology. If you watch George HW Bush's NWO speech you can get a glimpse of the madness of the people in power he represents.

Making humans into robots that fit your specifications via trauma  and mind control via tech, chemical influence and brutal psychological conditioning is NOT freedom.

Its not even a proper or realistic relfection of life on earth in these mammalian bodies.

Uh while PC is sooo damn important and at this point punishable by death literally ig not adhered to, the destruction of the environment in which we need to exist in these bodies is not being addressed or dealt with realistically as it should.

Well how else can the technomancers eventually play gods and make us all cyborgs or live in synthetic bodies to exist in the coming uninhabitable environment?

The public only know that someone is threatening their little breads and circuses. They dont care about people's true freedom, actual justice (not the bs manipulation concept of 'social justice') or spiritual health. Life Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness has become dictated to Americans by forces that tell them what those things should mean for them.
Of course in the end it only suits their own needs.

Thats not freedom. Nor is it living.

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Anonymous said...

True....ive been living what you're describing for years..the only solution is leave the system completely and get to our natural roots...come join :)