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Friday, July 24, 2015

Fed Employee Park Rangers Possibly Doing GS/The NWO Can Be Reversed Or Altered

Park Rangers in tiny Roger Williams Park in Providence might have been filming me. So I filmed them back.

I went into the Visitors Center where everyone is actually very nice and they said that the park rangers are FEDERAL EMPLOYEES not state or city which explains alot.

Trying to keep funding for the parks service are we? Perhaps gain more funding or that elusive grant that you never seem to get each year yet after harassing the right Target whos a special pain in the ass to the US govt magically that grant money is yours?

I've seen this many times. This is actually one of the most common pay off systems I've experienced over the years.

They were typical arrogant males militarized of course trying to be slick.

Btw a window was broken on that Visitor Center three nights ago and I had to sleep across the street due to rain (but now wont becuz of local vandals).

Firstly it was possibly symbolic becuz the first pane of glass they broke covered the second pane which had Roger William's words on it to the effect that the power of govt belongs to the citizens.

Secondly a female park ranger (fed employee) was with the repair guy and in typical gang stalker perp fashion they were staring over in our direction while discussing how the window was broken "last night" as we were sleeping there. They made sure they got my attention and once they spooked me you could feel the icy self satisfaction they had over it and the intimidation they had made as intimidation.

Fed employees are the worst next to DARPA contractors who are also nasty but much more brutal and get away with more but harass less frequently.

The two rangers may have been being assholes on their own or they could be filming as some sort of allowed security measure for people who are deemed suspicious. I know they did that to me at Logan airport years ago when they told me to leave once and I never went back.

All anti terror has been being used as intimidation against Targeted Individuals for years now. Its just gotten more in your face and common place which is part of their NWO plan: to NORMALIZE TORTURE in daily life in the west.

However, agitating someone so they react THEN filming them is bullshit. Which is why I filmed them and explained what occured.

These people all believe that the authority they hide behind is going to cover their asses with the corruption they are protecting and the actions they take against the American people. Dissidents included.

This is exactly what those Cambridge detectives were doing but they screwed up and were too old skool strong arm about it and I got pics so they set me up so I got arrested before I could report to Internal Affairs and Citizen's Review Board.

Now that I have a recent arrest for something that can perhaps be made out for a hate crime, its possible they now have some sort of carte blanche to treat me as dangerous and thus cover the intimidation.

I know that authorites show up in alot of places I go now so Im assuming Ive been secretly or officially labeled a threat.

Yes Im such a threat in my tye died dress. Just like the moron scumbag detectives in Cambridge that day covered their asses when i showed my pics of them to a retired cop I know or hes tied to police anyway, suddenly they came up with this excuse via a cop right there near me showing the photos to this guy that they thought i might be a cover for a home invasion.

Yes a loud patchwork dress with a huge pack is always the way one wants to dress for a fucking B&E. I dont rob people but if anyone sat down and plotted such a thing out I think we would all start with the burglars we see on tv. Who does a home invasion on Sunday morning?? Even the retired cop slyly agreed these two were the force's "bufoons". To me they just looked like evil raping sick f*cks. And the fat Latino needs a serious lesson about stalking white women. The white guy..hmoh I expect sickness from white males. GO MESS WITH YOUR OWN WOMEN.

Its like Toco says to his captor in The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Once I get you down, you wont get up again.

I live for the day that occurs. Im not a guy with muscles so its going to be other ways.

My exposé will be enough.
Didnt he put him under rail road tracks and the Italian way it was filmed it made gore artful and showed his body being dragged under the train?

Sigh....Toco. Love that character.

He would probably be a terrorist nowadays and so would Clint Eastwood.

Angel Eyes would have gotten rich and been deemed a hero and received funding and promotions becuz America is so evil now and inverse.

Im officially sick of MALE INTIMIDATION.

I also realize these geniuses are trying to get me to engagw them in legal battle.

Why? Why is that so important?

Recall the Pentagon had a consultant that claimed "Disconnection Is Danger".

This is their way of engaging me so I become part of the system.

It wasnt enough when this first started that I respected authorities from afar, had never really had to deal with them and didnt really understand the machinationa of their world but left them alone.

These campaigns to make people hate cops and authorities as well as trap people by forcing one to engage with them is just another soul stealing ritual and Im not going to give into it.

I think with how Masonic this Ritual Abuse is in the big picture the one thing that really TERRORIZES these people are strong smart natural female elders of the human tribe who begin to understand that as our place into our 40s after a transition from captive western female in our 30s.

The Masons are nothing more than a gang of scared little boys and weak females trying to avoid the natural order of a matriarchial society and will do anything to avoid going back there again.

The falsified industrialized world we suffer and exist not live in must be preserved.

Thats my only crime. Im a woman, Im awake and I am not one of their baby toys who supports their crap.

Any culture not controlled by drugs video games tech or any other form of mind control must be destroyed by them.

The NWO was supposed to be an evolution of man not a rearranging of unevolved mankind to suit the elite's agenda.

This can be undone but we need to work hard and sacrifice much.

Even if we only carve out a niche away from the NWO it would be enough.

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Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong; I love computers and electronic stuff too, but I realize there is a point where people let these things control their lives instead of using them like they were intended: as tools, not crutches or drugs one can't live without. Perps always seem to addicted to sending texts. But to whom? Some centralized authority, receiving isntructions on what to "do next". I assume there is a surveillance network, and the person(s) manning it would be sending out directions to a central location where perps texting in would receive response texts complete with directions: scratch your ass, rub your crotch, engage target in conversation, etc.

They've been hounding me hard to get an attorney. It's very repetitive and non-stop. It's something that is very loud and suspicious. Why would the perps want us to get an attorney or seek legal advice, especially since we know full well the only way to fight them now is full-on exposure? They have ways of bribing attorneys or fixing trials so we get no justice. So why would they want us to get an attorney? And why would they think we would fall for this? If they are saying this, it's a good sign the mentally ill power mongers are looking to bait us into something.

I remember over a year ago, an older cop here in town said it's a shame that as an American citizen, you'd think you'd have the right to go wherever you choose and relax and do whatever. They have so many liars and people secretly framing us up as troublemakers or terrorists, and all we are all pretty peaceful harmless citizens. Compare this to the schemeing perps, who are very weak, insecure, and equally vicious killers who deny everything and act like they are little Angels with halos over their heads who are only looking to protect the community from "dangerous" people like us.