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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amtrak Providence RI Always Sends Police To Do Intimidation (Go f*ck yourselves btw)

Got footage this time this station is always one of THE BIGGEST drama queen pains in the asses for this kind of harassment. They probably wanted to make this blog they are so pathetic and will prob get kudos and promotions (thats the way gs works).

I guess RI is so small they have to validate their security budget somehow so being overbearing assholes and over dramatic is a way to do thst.

The male officer gave me the meanest look of intimidation when he finally walked away from the position shown in vid.
i take this as a threat.  (This is the kind of crap causing mutiple freak outs around the country like lone shootings and police getting hurt. )

Amtrak has always been bad for intimodation as if they have no cares about getting caught.

Im here to ride the MBTA not Amtrak.

They both disappeared once the commuter rail came into its track downstairs and i got up to leave.

This station has done this before and years ago the manpower that showed up upon my arrival was enough to greet an actual terrorist threat. Whats the deal?

I think this is the home of my ex stepfather who married into the Italians who own Aetna Bridge Co and its where my mother used to live and work at G Tech and where she tried to keep the house her and my stepdad had but she was harassed with noise campaigns and the typical horrible neighbors in the condo tactic and of course the police wouldn't listen.
She had to give up the only home she had ever owned...and be humiliated into moving back with my grandmother (of course-the bio family of the Targeted Survivor is always the most desirable foem of control over the victim. It also fiscredits them and destroys confidence. )

RI is also the home of the former head of the New England mafia Patriarcha. Hes gone now.

I havent seen my step father in years.


I remember as a kid I was always stalked by total creeps living in Providence and a young kid even snuck into my window one night and of course being in a state of sleep i had super strength and punched him out THEN woke up to him lying on the floor.

Theres something really evil living in RI but I also have some support its always felt like.
Just try any of that crap now and your biys will either get filmed..or worse. Understand?

And it was always a boys club of assholedom in RI for some reason. Aside from some bitchy old biddies who worked at RISD and the jealous old twisted wenches would purposely not give me modeling hours at RISD.
I take solice in knowing they are probably dead by now.

When old people do harassment all u have to do is say "'ll be dead soon."

Becuz its true. And becuz u r an aware TI suicide is no longer an option. So u WONT be dead soon unless they cause an accident or poison u...which they WILL try.

Go ahead. Its worse living under such slavery and manipulation than to fight back.

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