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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, July 3, 2015

NYC -Walking Around Waiting Bus Tomorrow

NYC as usual is totally full of itself. The hotel service people and the pharmacy employees and perps in the street or stations who look like civilians.

Its all such a thrill isn't it? That u r 'in on it'? With your petty little lives in the new safe NYC, totally geared towards little nobodies and punk asses nowadays.

Everyones an asshole now becuz its safe. There are no concequences to being an asshole or a total jerk off.

U used to have to have something going on here to be down here.

Im shocked at how petty and pathetic everyone is about the gs campaign. Its totally retarded.

In a city of this size with this much money and power you are THAT into or impressed by ONE Target's campaign? Are you absolutely serious?
Has NY really degenerated that much into a yuppie new money hell hole?

I understand having to do gs or even being a psychotic asshole and getting off on it but the jerk offs here dont match that profile. They seem like petty, amateurish (in NY??) insecure losers.

I almost smacked one of the ragged looking desk workers at this horrible hotel The Wellington. A travisty of old NY beautiful architecture degenerated into a new money/yuppie hotel, by the fact that it now has pretty colored lights on it. Is that necesary? Its immature and childish.  Hmmm, just right for new NY.

The bell hop u run right into after going thru the door looks like he's either a programmed assasin in his spare time (other life) or he just got back from Iraq, or perhaps raised in a mob family thus the hotel job and thus the attitude problem.

He wasnt glad to see me when i came thru the door.asking for the password to wifi just to find a 24 hour Walgreens to get an inhaler (which I ended not getting becuz the bitch in the pharmacy called me "sir" after looking up my account under Rachael. No thanks. Walgreens has given me meds with extra special ingredients before I am now really careful. Thats not an inhaler I need.)

The three wenches at the desk gave me a free hour after, classy as they are, mentioning it costs money. And isnt that something nuevo riche or upper middle are concerned with? Especially working in a little insular environment like NYC where people live daily in golden gilded cage and have their heads firmly planted so far up their asses that they believe their own hype about them and theirs and that the culture of their little tiny island city is the most meaningful in the big world out there-which they only investigate by plane and reservations I assume.

The fake smile of the brunette was the one I wanted to just wipe of her face. For her own good really as being that vindictive to someone you don't know personallu cant be healthy. I wonder if she stalks celebs in her spare time or at least wishes somekme found her peon ass more important than working in that position. Which of course her delusional ass believes she deserves. Thinking u r smarter than me just becuz u r in a mob of equally stupid people always pisses me off.

I thanked them after refusing to acknowledge the arrogant little brunette, then politely acknowledged Lurch at his post before exiting. With his military or cop shaved head and steely blue eyes..maybe hes f*cking the brunette with an equally arrogant attitude?

I knew stepping foot in any hotel that was once something nice that now relies on pretty colors and shiny things to attract the Disney/Cirque de Soliel crowd or people who fancy themselves alternative to that by way of means, was going to be unpleasant and I was correct.
The doorman was cool though.

The cops like to roll by on with arrogant attitudes like what AM I doing here?
Uh im taking a train? But NY is the New Yorker's city!! How dare people travel through it randomly! Dont I realize how special their scene and city is??

I notice thst during Bush the cops and the military guys in cammo at the main train and bus ststion were laughing at me. Like it was big joke.

The military guys in the station arent f*cking laughing anymore. In fact they look pretty damn alert or at least more respectable.

So whats the civilian's problems and their militarized but still civilian based police force?

Exactly. Whixh is why all these.jerk offs need to be disregarded and ignored.

The soldiers know something is up. Some shit is going down soon and if u r a TI like me u can sense its coming time soon to exit this clown show.

The circus is going to be closing very soon and u dont want to be here

Thats all that matters right now. Getting the f*ck out of here. Just the fact the cities are so fuxated and the influence of chem and tech and psy ops and social engineering is enough to discourage anyone sane or decent from living in shitholes for rich people like this.

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