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Saturday, July 11, 2015

D*ckhead Yankees At CPL With Really Lame Poker Faces Act Coy During BS Computer Shutdown Right When I Enter Library

I have never seen a worse bunch of acting from the local Yankee jerks from Cambridge as I have today during what has all the indications of a bullshit computer breakdown in computer lab just as I arrive to utilize lab.

One guy who kinda looked like a cop in a blue shirt was doing gesturing and I handed it right back to him. I saw in the window glass reflection that he did wat most cops and security people have done to me for years-laugh and smile at me behind my back. (This not only intimidates the public but it bonds them to the GS mob.
He could be a criminal working for the gs system-its always hard to tell with that.

Oh btw as far as laughing at me behind my back lets not forget that it is YOU who are spoiled rotten sexist scum who bond together with shits just like u against one single person with little to no resources.
Are u laughing becuz u have the delusion of being in control or becuz u are so insecure about not winning and having to live with that?

I DID say that I had seen this tactic FOR YEARS right? Like over a decade. And im still going towards my goal like Terminator.

Keep smilin pricks.

The mysterious computer outage that the librarian claims is a rare occurancw she never sees is supposed to be resolvrd in 30min.

The worst asshole was the old guy in the Paul Revere hat who screams either pedo or at least old perv and thinks this is all so amusing with his cannibalistic smile so typical of Yankees in this area.

The computer system outage may be truly random (Saturday no IT guy on, thus no big loss to city business) but the perps present were very real.

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