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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Harvard Breaks My Heart Like I Knew It Would

Thier latest nonsense includes having bus drivers mess with me and making sure its a bus with NO CAMERAS (which i avoided by realizing immediately there was no cams thus it could become a bad situation), uniformed cops doing overt gesturing or making contact by waving, Boston area is using lots of small to large families with kids who run around, make noise and stomp as they walk or invade my personal space repeatedly.

Just hanging back and observing the sheer number of perps in public spaces-crowds etc is impressive.
They are really going for it. Why now I dont know but i do know that alot of people from Harvard have died over past few years and everyone else seems to be working for the gs system particularly for the chaos making end of things.

I meet enough non perps to keep perspective and clarity but they really dont want that. One of most ridiculous psych tactics employed is the gang stalkers making facial expressions like rolling eyes and shaking their heads as if Im not doing something Im supposed to then of course they will put their hands thru their hair. Tapping sides is now something done when having a conversation with me and often people will run their hands over one side of head during conversation also.

The hair touch or hair over ear is still predominantly by women and the side tap is mostly for males. As expected MA has a bit more composure than Austin or the Midwest and no one is running around grabbing their dicks at me here.

Though i must say that if a mob of Harvard students were running around grabbing their junk in public as part of a campaign to terrorize a targeted dissident I would not only find this amusing as hell but would make sure it got documented for the history books.

'Genital grabbing psy ops techniques at Harvard University-The Pre Hillary Years Of The NWO' or some such ridiculous title.

Its peaceful sometimes but it seems to depend what i write in my blog.

Im shocked that people ive known for years in Harvard some have shown their true colors by doing gesturing while in conversation.

Im experiencing the situation is im probably so discredited and have made enemies here that ive lost status and protection forever.

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