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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Drones or Satellite Has To Be Method Of Finding Targets So Quickly

I was not prepared for the changes that have occurred and I am now in extreme danger due to that naivety.
But how can one think clearly about something possibly getting worse when it's already mind blowing as to how bad it is already and has been since 2004?

Perp groups doing gestures are present wherever I go now and are there before I arrive. The harassment is now constant.

When I am moving from one area to another I can sense something or some force that's tracking me. This is something new as of this year.

Its a kind of heat or...I want to say it feels like tech but behind it is someone who hates me with a lot of energy. Multiple persons it feels like. Its almost like being hunted and monitored in a military situation in a war zone.

I can feel technology scanning for me and people behind that tech who are hunting me but also these people not only hate me but they are being aggressive and in a hurry to 'catch' me wherever I am becuz they make money by doing so. The aggression behind the tech from humans involved is that of simple human blind greed.

This is definitely military in nature. This may be an AI program also.  The heat or feeling of some electromagnetic field interfering with the environment matches what I experienced being used in Cambridge last summer when I was baited and harassed into reacting so that I acted out and got arrested. It was the heat and aggression in the environment that felt so unnatural as of last May 2014 where cops were even ticketing YUPpies on bikes in the street. Somehow thru technological means and perhaps together with chemical influence, choas and aggression were created in the environment that effected and altered human behavior.

 Also whatever chip has been in my abdomen from prior surgeries or was placed there in Oregon @ OHSU is being triggered heavily in the past two years but its very bad now. It all connects to my womb and the abortion I had. The intimidation and harassment and unwanted sexual arousal is connected to that event.
I am being harassed daily to have a child and my womb seems to be able to be stimulated in different ways in order to get desired behavior out of me. This is NOT what occurred with my one other abortion in 2005.
And for all the moralizing people  let it be known that I was always responsible and only had these two unwanted pregnancies DUE TO HOW I HAVE HAD TO LIVE as a Targeted Individual. My circumstances have forced me to live as a person who is not in control of their life's direction or of their decision making. I'm often made into an unreasonable person by forces beyond my control.

Don't be confused-this is the military industrial complex gone insane. Contractors and academia, security companies, police and prisons.

They were always there doing this to individuals and the public. The problem now seems to be the people in power like elected offices are sell out types and the old guard recently left power-many at once in past two years.

-Mayor Thom Menino (Boston) died
-Mario Cuomo (NY) died

-Boston, MA:
new mayor
new police commissioner
new police chief

Cambridge MA:
new mayor
new city manager

new governor

Raytheon I know has alot of new people in power in the company.

And the supreme court as well as Obama's administration seem really scary and insane like during Bush neocon years but they are Liberal elites so are getting away with things sneakily or the public are sucked into the NWO dream of a promise land so aren't fighting it the same way.

The people who retired or died had those positions for decades some of them. The New Order is showing itself by these new people taking power and either not believing in old school decency or morals or they don't have the acquired power to be able to refuse to sell out to whoever is behind these changes.

All the people who were in power during 9/11 and the war under Bush are now out. People are acting as if they can't be caught for whats happened in this country or carry the burden of secrecy becuz everyone who was in office is gone now.

I personally do not appreciate being sexually assaulted harassed and tormented as well as stalked and constantly subjected to damaging psychological warfare to force me to have a baby, confirm to social norms and get a job or go to school.
And if I do NOT do so, I will be harassed until I am forced to react beyond my control and become incarcerated or institutionalized which I assume in their estimation will finally break me so that I have no more internal Will or mental power to fight mass mind control.

Being a mindless puppet doesn't appeal to be. Its not why I lived past 30 or became an activist and freedom fighter.

I also don't appreciate the blatant sexism involved in these methods which resembles the use of rape in wartime as a means of weapon or control.

That Halfrican bitch in office and his sick administration and cronies are doing as much damage as possible before they leave office.

It doesnt matter who is in office or what party. Each one will abuse the technologies and progresses in science available to the elites and techies to gain for their own agenda.

And the public will always suffer.

This is worse than Bush era if you can believe that.
Becuz abusing people like this is no longer something new or hidden under a necessity of wartime-its become the mode of operation thats standard and its obvious people are desensitized at this point.

Humans are evolved simians and their simian aggression and greed becomes especially frightening when they express these qualities repeatedly without consideration for being human.

My problem is that the people who knew me and were familiar with me are gone now. I'm simply being destroyed by people who know nothing about me or my family or my history.
They feel no debt or obligation to me.

All I get is some vague idea that I'm old and irrelevant and that I'm wasting my life doing this so have to be broken down into conforming.

They don't care as long as the majority in this country have what they need to live.

So now I can't have the dignity of fighting for freedom or refusing to be a human sacrifice for American interests?

And the kids out there now are the worst most uncaring stuck up nasty little shits who seem to love the military and hate anyone not conforming. Most of the harassment is done by young people just like during Bush.

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  1. I live in a completely different situation, in a small country in the southeast of Europe, a country that had a war in the 90's, so never for a moment did I doubt that the military was not connected to the gangstalking.
    I knew that even before I found out about the 'name of the game' – gangstalking, that was in December 2006. (I belong to an older generation and I did not even own a computer before this.)
    So, this is DEFINITELY MILITARY IN NATURE and it's going on all over the world.