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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nash Game Theory-Explains Gang Stalking and His New Discoveru May Have Gottrn Him Killes

Yes this is the Beautiful Mind charcter based on. The movie is supposedly inaccurate and most likely part of cover story/disinfo.
Forget the movie. This is way more interesting.

A half Jew male who was a geek type was posing as a homeless Target in Austin (who of course turned out to be a perp at the end of our hours long conversation. Which nowadays is unusual.)

He read on internet that Nash died after I showed him the Russian mathemeticia who solved the world's unsolvable math problem which interested him greatly.

He said Nash created GAME THEORIES. These theories were used to create public policy and to predict military outcome and strategy.

He told me things the internet isnt telling:
That John Nash discovered from having players in these game experiments that people would choose the most selfish action or behavior in these games.

He claimed that all modern public policy is now based on these game theories and that the powers that be have basically created PUBLIC POLICY THATS "ARMED AGAINST THE PUBLIC".

He then explained that Nash went to these same powers later and explained that he had kept experimenting adding more players in a broader area of game and found that his first theory-that people will always choose the selfish option was incorrect BECUZ SOMEONE ALWAYS COMES ALONG AND DOES THE RIGHT THING.

He said that all these policies armed against the public were already created and put in place and they didnt want to deal wjth this new information nor have anyone else deal with it either. So 'they' killed him.

Internet conspiracy theories only deal in his past discoveries being motivations

Remember years ago I posted that helpful perps always have the best most accurate information that seems to assist TIs.

So it seems that game theoru explains Gang Stalking.

From now on just look at the perps as little players in a game who have chosen the selfish choice as most players do on average.

Then the few people who are helpful, genuine and normal or do the right thing to help Targets
are part of the the experiment or theory's people who create the second theory by messing up the first.

The gang stalking could very well be continued game theory experimentation or the use of game theory to keep us mostly trapped (by the majority taking the selfish way  or decision. It could also be being used to keep TIs supressed becuz WE ARE that one variable person who chooses the right thing.

Whats really depressing is we cant just live our lives. We live in a miliarized game theory or ongoing experiment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

„He said that all these policies armed against the public were already created and put in place and they didnt want to deal with this new information nor have anyone else deal with it either. So 'they' killed him.“
I can't make sense of this. Why would they kill him for this instead of improving their policies? Or is it that that the few that would act untypically are the ones that eventually become targets of gangstalking? They are then slandered, made to look crazy, ostracized and destroyed? Is that it?

So, 'they' have dealt with it.
That's why you can't live your life normally.