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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lina Morgana-Make Her Live Again, And The Illusion Of 'Lady GaGa' Dies

Look Morgana up. Study her. Looking at her, all that Lady GaGa is melts away and the imposter she is reveals itself.

The evidence is there at least enough for to theorize conspiracy or a plot of evil design.

True female empowerment consists of stopping the practice of sacrificing goddesses (who are uncooperative) in order to create mind controlled dolls-who will serve male power.

All the world fears woman. Big 3 Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, male gods as kings or lords and oppressive of females. Only polytheisitc religions have goddesses.

Mary is so subjegated, she has to be a virgin to have any power. And she's all that remains of goddess reference in Christiqnized, amnesia ridden Europe.

Male power must be pandered to.

And the greatest insult is that women were tricked into supporting black males via civil rights who now serve the original male power structure through a house slave/field slave culture of pimping, misogynistic testosterone driven violent music that feeds the Massa's prison complex, so women are once again frequently left alone to raise the children.

Nice repayment of feminist support hey? Why would women of any race ever believe males wouldnt support each others agenda based on gender?

Once again women are used as nannys, babysitters and wet nurses for the convenience of men of power.

Lady GaGa is a servant. Lina was a potential problem. True female confidence eslecially in the NWO, always is.

The NWO loathes real women. Pro Israel, Muslims and a militarized United States?
All pro male and oppressive of women. If the NWO is about a new 'Satanic Age' remember that Satan hates women supposedly.

And like the old Egyptian tales, Seth was only afraid of Isis. (Nice choice of name for the latest CIA created terrorist cell.)


Anonymous said...

Odd that a 19 year old would commit suicide, dying in a very similar manner as Frank Olson, perhaps the most famous MK Ultra victim.

And once again, the CIA is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Another example:

Kinda puts her look-alikes you see now to shame. They look cheap and plastic compared to her.