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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still Wondering How Much GS Perps Know About Targets-Interactions In Quincy, Ill

Im a bit confused by what Im seeing lately.

People are doing little milder more slight versions of tactics in public and then if I start speaking to them we can have a full fledged conversation with the other person doing mild gesturing throughout.

(Pushing hair up on one side of forehead, tapping sides of thighs with hands and since Austin the men have been doing this ridiculous, hysterical tactic where they touch their genital area. Is this supposed to transfer male dominance of some kind? Its all i can do to not bust out laughing.)

And i dont think the perps know who Targets are. One man who worked in this awesome employee owned grocery store called HyVee in Quincy, was at rhe sandwhich and hot food counter and he had these brown eyes, dark like mine. They had a heat almost like a little flame in them and we made some connection and admired each other silently. I noticed right away his trying to do tactics as the little portly woman gleefully asked him tk make me a breakfast sandwich later than usual.

He stopped doing the tactics as my admiration of the Midwestern typical hearty food portions, quality and price became a common ground.

He still seemed hard somehow but his lighted eyes left mine with a weird sort of peace made.

He had asked me where I was from etc as if he genuinely did not know anything about me.

One of the manager types from the office was the one doing retarded mild mini tactical gesturing throughout our conversation as i asked about the employee owned company set up they have.
The employees seem genuinely excited and involved in the daily workings of rhe store. They seem happpy. I told him of the misery and drone like state of other supermarket employees around the country.
He said their model was unique and that some study was being done on their business model. (The store is bad ass by the way if u like food and expect decent presentation like the old days).

I joked i hoped it was to copy their model and not for their competitors to destroy them. THAT was a comment he did not want to hear and seemed to brush it off with the only darkness of personality he displayed the entire interaction.But it was scary to get even a glimpse of the killer within...this seemingly normal, fat, happy slightly handsome managerial type.

The employees I was aware some knew who I was but seemed tolerant almost overly accommodating (perhaps last night's harassment that was totally outrageous. Don't know)

It was a slightly sad gang stalking environment but not aggressive or nasty or HEB in Texas would have been.

The waitresses kept keeping an eye on me in the café as I ate but I got to watch hot sweaty males in UFC as I ate ACTUAL REAL eggs and bacon and ham..instead of McDonalds for the first time in a while.

I was made to feel out of place and suspect and definitely Im urged to not stay in town.

It makes me wonder if the organized harassment isnt just for anyone who appears homeless or out of place, like last night that jerk saying I was suspicious partly due to being "all bundled up"-had a backpack.

Do they simply know theres a Target in town they are to harass and watch or is it just anyone who looks homeless or Traveler?

I got off that truck ride yesterday full of adrenaline from having to get out of that bad truck ride, the sun was too hot for me, which made me more aggressive (too much heat makes me overly aggressive-maybe my body isnt used to it being from a snowy place.  My body seems to feel 'threatened' somehow.)
And right when i got out and truck left men in cars and pick up trucks started driving by and harassing me. Right where I JUST got dropped off!

So of course Im going to become aggrevated and bitching and moaning as I try to find where I am and maps wont load on my wifi only smartphone (that little cheap old LG I had was the best maps and gps ever. It would load in middle of nowhere without wifi around.)

So I began waving cars down to get directions and also as a way of fighting back at perps. They HATE being fought back as it takes their power away and any aggression towards them is what they WANT do you can be classified as crazy, violent, dangerous etc. So being aggressive waving down assholes for directions is a great cover but its also just: you wanna put me out here assholes? Fine, you are going to stop, give me directions and maybe even a ride or some cash for food. (Pay me! Bitches).

That's the attitude you have to take. THIS SYSTEM DID THIS TO YOU. Cost them time, money, aggravation, tarnish reps-whatever you can do. They usually are keeping u down or diverted so u cant get legal help anyway.

U must think of ways to fight back where they cant use whst they try to get out of you to frame u. Use it against THEM. THEY DESERVE IT.

So I made sure I kept being aggressive in trying to wave people down for directions so that cops might come. Becuz i was NOT walking three miles jn the heat and sun being targeted like that.

Of course someone called telling the Sheriff that I was out there "in an altercation". He was a normal person so I told him about the truck ride and creepy local men messing with me as I tried to get jntk town only after A WOMAN WITH A CHILD in a car told me which way town was. An perp in a ridiculous black truck gave me wrong directions which i knew from his demeanor.

So they will try to set u up and you HAVE GOT to turn the tables on them.

Remember Britney Spears meltdown? The results you see in those photos is only a part of what went on I strongly believe from experience.
The poor kid was telling everyone shes sick of people touching her. No one was hearing that, they only saw the frame up, literally-media content FRAMED to produce certain perceptions in the public's mind.
I cant imagine how much harassment went on before those pictures were taken.

It seems to me that the people who do this to Targets especially Survivors of programming genuinely believe we arent human like them and we can only exist if we are controlled every moment.

Which is just bullshit arrogance on their part and the typical envy and jealousy from them towards us.

Perhaps its simply known nowadays that ANYONE targeted ends up homeless and therefore when they enter a town or city they are labeled a terrorist like threat from touch down due to the ongoing campaign in this country against dissenters.

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