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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Implants Most Probable To Cause Unwanted Sexual Arousal And Other Resulting Effecrs

I think I finally understand whats been wrong for past year or so.

To be brief Im having alot of trouble with what seema like the effects of some kind of implant.

Ive posted before that in early 2000s that some of the torture from those early years seemed to be eminating from this scar I had from a bladder exploratory (for Interstitial Cystitis).
That when I put magnets over it, taped them over that spot I got relief.

I also posted that in when living in Brighton I had an MRI that showed a strange white dot in center of my brain. And that when I asked a neurologist about it he seemed deathly afraid of me and my situation and backed away from me. He kept saying I was doing the right thing quitting coffee and that the headaches I had were prob due to that. (My headaches were due to the moldy apartment that permanently did brain damage, lung damage and nasal damage. One perp admitted " screwed you up for life". So everyone knows, its part of all this to once again minimize and invalidate the Target/experimentees pain and suffering.)

Ive had many surgeries in my life. Like many MK Kids, high level programming and RA Survivors, I have things in my history doctors who arent compromised will comment are odd. One doctor once looked at my history in my late 20s his mouth opened and he said 'You've been through HELL!' . The other doctor next to him who was obviously part of this system calmly ignored this rational, normal response and trying to dismiss it, moved on with the normal invalidation of the Target's pain and suffering over a lifetime.

My double hernias at age 8 often gets percieved as odd by doctors. Usually that happens in little boys not girls.

Many opportinities have occurred for implants to be put in possibly. If the sexual arousal and other targeting like negative and defeatist thoughts are originating from an implant in the physical area nearby then it could have been the double hernia, any of my numerous endometriosis surgeries or the bladder exploratory in 1997.

From the positioning of where the forced stimulation eminates from, the small scar on the bladder from 97 seems likely.

It could have also been made worse or compounded by some thing done during the abortion procedure done by OHSU in Oregon two years ago that seemed botched. My womb still feels..scarred. Its never been right since then.
Alot of what happened to me in the years following that procedure seemed very timed and supernatural. Like things that could only be pulled off by some kind of nanotechnology or implanted tech that over time, released a 'program' of body and mind effects for behavior modification.. namely, punishment for aborting and prevention from becoming pregnant again. That would be something in line with Eugenics anyway and the history thereof.
(Hey how about my never having had to become careless or helpless enough to begin with to ever had become pregant-BOTH PREGNANCIES ARE DUE TO MY BEING A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and not in control of my life or circumstances.)

Lately Ive had problems with becoming agitated leading to self talking in public. The constant harassment now doesnt help but its due to influence over my physical and emotional state thats beyond my control. Great way to FORCE someone to discredit themselves.

TX has been very bad for this and I couldnt take it anymore. I recalled years ago my using shielding in the form of magnets so put something multilayered and metal over my abdomen where the multiple scars are.

I got relief. The forced arousal ceased. Unlike years ago I can no longer fight this effect with my mind and imagination.
The negativity ceased. Whatever had been used lately fell away and reality around me seemed normal again.

Also on net it says that deep brain implants can be used to cause this kind of stimulation by causing small shocks to the brain.

I am pretty sure Raytheon's facilities in Burlington MA were responsible for attempting to 'burn out' the chip shown in the brain on the MRI.

What's strange as usual is that I couldnt see clearly that Raytheon had facilities there. Why couldnt I just look it up at that time or go to maps and look at the area? Only after a new administration has come to Raytheon have I been able to deduct or even see clearly what was always right in front of my eyes.

This is the 'black magick' part of gang stalking, RA and dealing with the elite that no one seems to grasp.
I was stalked by Eddie Cox (aka Eddie Hand) from Louisiana in 2006 or 07 and I distinctly recall that I 'saw' him standing watching me on a phone in Denver CO, but I did not really or truly 'see' him standing there watching me until approximately 20 min after he had been standing there.

Alot of what the military is trying to reproduce for war are tricks Satanists and magicians have by nature or can perform mentally.

Is it really all worth it?

Anyway this will also serve to show how wonderful new advances in science and technology aren't without potential for abuse.

People believe technology in itself is divine and will save humanity. Like weapons being unable to kill or mame humans without humans weilding them, tech requires human actions and intent.

If u want to know alot about the current situation look to the old movie Conan The Barbarian. Just the first one.
Thalsa Doom is reptilian. He can hypnotize people. He almost convinces the hero he made him through adversity.

Doom's snake towers are very much like the cell repeater and main towers all over every city.

And one lesson my tall and imposing uncle always pointed out about the movie-the riddle of steal. (Swords, weapons).

'What is the power of steel, compared to the hand that wields it?'
Doom tells Conan as a last favor before trying to kill him by leaving him in the desert to die.

He motions a young female cult member to jump to him and she does-to her death. This is power Doom states.

Technology should be clearly defined by who is using it and for what intent.

For instance the horrors now produced by the general punlic (and perps posing as members of the general public) having access to spying equipment.

People better wake up and realize what kind of world is truly forming from the use of technologies.

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