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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, June 14, 2015

'Commisioned Stalking' By The Rich And Powerful
My former party friend had a dark performance art band and he would say Madonna stole from him in her Justify My Love era. We all could see the similarities and I believed him but it seemed bigger than all of us then. He should have sued just to have it on file.
It looks like many artists may have been stolen from and the content mixed to form something she could put her name on.

Targets claim our work is stolen before its even made into anything thats copyrighted or formed into art. Like ideas or raw material. It would be simple to do via spying on Targets in private spaces.
Lawyer Burt Fields looks like he possibly has a few years on him as a seasoned perp eh? We all know that look. All TIs can identify it.

Whats interesting are the lawyers for these powerful people involved in protecting their harassment campaigns as well as the private detectives.

"Commissioned stalking" seems to be an actual legal term used. How far would it go with a gang stalking case?

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Anonymous said...

I watched Back to the Future for the first time. And as soon as I saw Spielberg's name, I knew what to expect. A psyops fest. At the beginning of the film, there is a shot of a framed newspaper on the wall, and the headline reads "Brown Mansion Destroyed". Right away, it sounded very familiar to this event:

"Mount Pleasant Borough lost an important part of its history on May 26 [2010] when the Bryce mansion at 206 Yoder St. burned to the ground." Interesting, as the story is set in 1985, and the professor mentions something about "25 years in the future". And 25 years from 1985 is 2010, when the Bryce Mansion was destroyed. And this was not too far off from the newspaper's headline "Brown Mansion Destroyed". Right off, I reconized this as an immediate psyop.

Some other psyops: when Marty travels in the past to 1955, there are people disappearing from photos. Obvious as the system does attempt to rewrite people out of history. And Marty in 1955 sees the same episode of a show on a family's TV that he saw in 1985 and is astonished. Interesting, because this mirrors the psychic aspect of targeting that TI's get. Like, when you see a movie made 30 years ago, and you see the same episode you remember watching in the present. What's odd is, it was an episode of the Honeymooners that looked a lot like the episode I watched in 2015, 30 years from the production date of the movie. Another psyop that refers to a psyop.
Interesting that I ended up watching this movie 30 years after it was made, and he travels 30 years into the past. Hmmm.... there's something very psychic about the system. They seem to be able to see everything that I can see in my timeline. That's probably why they target some TI's: they need a psychic TI to home in on because they need to have someone's timeline so they can see everything he or she sees in their timeline. Without this, they can't home in on the future without a human host to latch onto. They need a physical person so they can ride their timeline and see everything from their "spacetime scape". I just realized they can't see into the future as well without a human to target.

Lots of psyops in this one, like his mom years before he was born having the hots for him, not knowing who he is. And when they are kissing, her saying it's so much like kissing your brother. Haha. That was kinda messed up but funny, and typical Spielberg.