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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Black Imposter Steps Down From NAACP Position After Parents Expose SHE IS EURO-AMERICAN

Imposter's brother criticizes her life as 'blackface':

Could she simply be part of NWO chaos or even traumatized into behavior modification that made her percieve herself differently?

Ive seen what this system can do to people's minds. Its totally possible to destroy someone's mind to this extent.

Remember Tylenol is putting out ads about marriage that show all races and genders in families saying its not who you love but how.

If this was genuine it would be excusable. The American public seems to know nothing of COINTELPRO and MK Ultra which has made the American black community completely untrustworthy due to infiltration and destroying genuine dissidents and replacing them with house slaves and spies. Then creating black gangs to deal the drugs, cause choas and intimidation then fill the prisons.

People still believe African Americans are the holy keepers of Civil Rights... and eternal victims.

Ask all the Targeted Individuals in our community who are African American if they feel liberated hy todays black community.

They are the remaining threats to the infiltrated system just as the rest of us of all genders and races-to the deceptions of the NWO.

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