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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Securitas Is Swedish Company Who Is Buying Up A lot Lately-McDonalds Security System Same As Other Harassment Hot Spot Corporate Chains

Ive found they are a Swedish company with many overseas operations.

They also have a frightening hunger for eating up lots of smaller companies by acquisition.

(Sweden also has a horrific history of shaping their society with eugenics programs, NAZIs and a king who is French not true Swede royalty and his wife is Argentinian, German and Jewish.
Its also home to a very pro NWO agenda including the certifiable nutcase Barbara Spectre who should have never been allowed political power to begin with due to her being unstable and with crazy theories of creating a perfect 'Master Race' type of society via Diversity.
No freedom of speech, no right to bare arms and obviously no checks and balances.

They even have Pinkerton, the security company with an long and interesting history.

(I hate using wikipedia becuz for years Ive had to listen to college perps make fun of me for it. Listen one of their greatest advantages and my disadvantage is my being uneducated.)

They even do military contracting like other big security companies

This post began with my being harassed once again in a McDonalds restaurant along with the e-harassmemt of which McDonalds is one of the most consistent for this problem to occur as a Targeted Individual. (Walmart and Target running a close second with Starbucks being pretty bad but never as consistent. They tend to go between tech and emploulyees or customers dishing out harassment or a combo thereof depending kn location. Anyplace with a security vamera system seems to be also capable of producing effects known to be from electromagnetic or microwave weaponry and tech traditionally used by psy ops military in foriegn conflicts.
Look at how many of these companies do military contracting work.)

Many McDonalds restaurants nationwide seem to use Westec security company and they display a company sticker on the doors of the restaurant.

Westec Intelligent Surveillance

Westec is owned by Interface Security Systems LLC

After robberies and lone shootings, restaurants began having security systems "like banks have":

This article shows they also are used in 7-11 and Circle Ks. 7-11 is a known nightmare for TIs. Staff are usually doing harassment and for whatever reason, its become obvious that showing your face in any 7-11 in a new location you are in is like announcing your presence to the local gang stalking system and whatever cops they have on board.
This could now explain why:

Most powerful private security in the world:

Next its necessary to research how much access and use these companies have to military psy ops technologies.
They obviously cross between military and domestic contracting.

The public as usual are blissfully unaware or they cooperate fully due to being stupid and enjoying mobbing people probably as well as getting a payoff or some skewed ideal of Patriotism (as a rationale).

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Anonymous said...

The problem with being a target is that stalkers pop up everywhere. They are armed with info about you as a target, and they use it when they crawl from under their rock to stalk you wherever. I see it when I go to visit a news story. The comments always contains at least one asshole posting under a fake indentity, and the comment will hook directly into a trigger.

At least when you're using Wikipedia, you're getting /some/ info from /somewhere/ instead of crawling under from under a rock somewhere to stalk a target. You have to have the attitude that nothing is going to get to you, nothing the stalkers can do is gonna get to you. Sometimes, you have to put up a mental firewall to limit the damage they're doing. They're obviously not interesting people nor or they out to gain info for personal growth. The only info they are interested in is the intel they spoonfeed the little jerks by the handlers operating in the system. The get a lot of stuff spoonfed to them. I wonder if the handles buy them pampers too and baby bottles? Because stalkers working for this system are such little babies. They think they are big tough grown men because they are beating someone down, when they are really diaper wetting cowards who are so embarrassing to themselves and society, but they never see what they are because others around them (other sheep) are doing the same thing and it erases the shame of being a stupid little stalker.