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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Harassed By A Guy Who Intimated He Was Community Watch- Walmart, Quincy, Illinois (video!)

Looking for WiFi around Walmart in Quincy, Ill. Walmart open, adjacent stores not.

Creepy old fat guy in baseball cap stalked around dark parking lot then stopped to ask me "Is everything OK?"

I thought he was a pervert or wasnt sure what was going on so I asked him if he was security.  He kept evading the question and intimidating me to answer his question.

It got into my being legal minded and logical and he responding with "Shut the f*ck up" which I stayed calm through also.

He also said things like I was a stupid f*ck etc.

He intimiated he was community watch but I doubt if community watch would say things like that in response to logic.

I should not have had to explain myself to anyone not identifying themselves as professional security or even community watch.

I said I was trying to find wifi and I had bought something at Walmart and they didnt have any. I also informed him that I had spoken to a sheriff today earlier and he knew I was in town. (That should have been enough or if he felt something was off he should have called police away from me. He pulled out his phone as if using caling the police as a punishment or intimidation.)

I said to go ahead and call. He claimed I was acting in a suspicious manner. "Your not supposed to be messing around these stores when they arent open."
Walking on the sidewalk with my phone out, looking for a signal? Just walking around checking things out shouldnt be a problem: THERE'S NO SIGNS THAT STATE PEOPLE CANNOT WALK IN THE AREA AFTER A CERTAIN TIME.

He also made a comment about being "bundled up like you are". Backpacking?

I also pointed out that he is a single male in a dark lot using his car to stalk around where there's a single female at a late hour. WHOS SUSPICIOUS NOW?
In my mind hes a potential danger and I do not need to speak to him.

He became threatening when I would not answer his question thru a window in a dark parking lot without him identidying himself as a legit security or law enforcment officer.
He then became belligerent and used abusive language in response to a female who felt threatened by him pointing out legalities and using logic. He attempted to use the police as intimidation for my self defense.

When my camera light came on him he started driving away still arguing. He was clutching his phone to his ear. I havent seen a policeman yet but I would love to.

The vid takes a while to post so I will do it tomorrow. Shud have gotten plate.

This is the worst abuse of the community watch system as well as profiling I have ever seen.

It could have been anything from TI activity to anti vagrant/homeless actions taken on by locals without authorization or just some total creepy pervert who needed to gain control and dominance over a female in some weird situation.

The danger of this is that if hes a pervert he gets a good look at the victim hes scoping out this way and you never know if a town has a rape group or network of men.
These are real dangers for Travelers of both sexes or anyone seen as vulnerable by predators.

Ironically I had to ditch a truck ride in this town today due to his getting too creepy and thats when I met the sheriff becuz people sae me trying to wave them down in middle of nowhere to ask where town was (and I was being harassed heavily by males in pick ups and cars, alot of Quincy city worker types so I kind of did what I needed to to get towards town quick and knew cops might show up but this would get rid of perps. Sheriff was genuine, legit and reasonable. Nice actually. Its the locals that sucked.)

I then tried to get out of town one side , didnt so started to walk to other side to freeway I can walk down. Stopped at Walmart then as leaving storm began- tornado warnings. No tarp. So left late.

Then walked around looking for open stores, came back Walmart WiFi.
This guys intimidation was the last thing I needed.

Iowa was bad too but not this bad.

A cop recently said the country is bad right now...I agree. At least the legit ones know. And I wonder if Im being pushed to leave due to something thats going to go down soon being particularly nasty and dangerous even deadly.

I keep getting this impression I should stay in Austin TX. But why?

Amazing isnt it that a single female's safety is totally unimportant compared to possible threats to property (walking by them!!!!)

I smell a local rape and or pedo group. Just the language he used. Imagine his wife and kids!!

(If hes a perp these geniuses probably read my blog and think that becuz I use foul language here as part of candid Boston character that I would be dumb enough to respond in kind in real life.)

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