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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, June 29, 2015

Rain Brought Clarity-Can post about whats REALLLY been going on here in midwest

GS has become.a.constant non stop forced deprogramming campaign.

Im also being harassed into writing and giving up information.

This constant harassment also has delayed me every on my attempts to gst back to the north east.

I have an ongoing staph infection in scar tissue in and on many days Im having difficulty breathing fully. I now have a belly button infection from ?

I need to go back to MY doctors who are familiar with this ongoing infection or the case of it or history not some emergency room on the way to the northeast.

Im also putting up with the conditions of not being able to breathe or pain without concern for my long term health. Im only focusing on gettijg home.

The gs system as it is now somehow prevents me from taking care of myself or taking initiative to get medical care but thats not like me ive always been very astute about my health care.

I believe they might be trying to cause long term damage by delaying medical treatment as long as possible.

Also the harassment seems to have a stressful effect on my heart out on the road this trip and this is another reason to delay me repeatedly. To do the most damage possible so future health difficulties appear to be random, genetic predisposition and/or a result of homeless lifestyle.

The gang stalking perps are now causing unwanted sexual arousal just by having males do gesturing and intimidation. Thats when i get nervous and start writijng or talking to myself out of nerves or the feeling of being raped by strangers.

They also seem to want me to bond with them throigh this process. Which I DO NOT WANT.

The physical sensations once again seem linked to the abortion and whatevsr was done to me at OHSU in Portland OR.

Im hoping leaving US will cause loss of control for them as perhaps crossing national borders will cut whatever tech is being used.

It also has something to do with....just got blanked out. They only used to be able to do that in Boston. Now its happening in middle of nowhere midwest USA. So I cant tell you what I was going to write. I dont even recall where my mind was...

Will try to remember. I know it was in reference to the unwanted sexual arousal which seems to stem from OHSU doing abortion two years ago.

Trying to think...i cant remember..

Only reason I could erase last posts and write this one was becuz it started to rain here.
Got clear once rain came. Realized ive been under mind control all day here.

Uh now I think about it tattoo artost fat woman gave me ride here and this was not where i wanted to go.

Im also noticing that people around me have ability to make me think and feel sexually.

Like the woman in car today gavebme ride, trucker yesterday (which state police stopped us and gave him ticket for unauthorized lassenger) as well as a guy doing harassment tonight in McDonalds.

Why are they trying so hard again to force me to be sexual?

....thats what I was going to say. Lee the guy I dated from Harvard Sw area. Its something to do with the way that he was intimate with me. After him they seem much more aggressive about tryijg to manipulate me sexualy again.

(i beleive i was 'allowed'to recall that info becuz i revealed state police stopped possible would be rapist trucker.

And when he did stop us he was blonde and basicaly acted out this male thing like he was cock blocking the guy.
So im supposed to bond with cops through this process?

Is anyTHING or anyONE genuine anymore?

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