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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dissident Defence Network- Canada, Cases Of Persecuted Dissidents Canada


So tell me again why its this great idea to run off to Canada? Every summer for the past few years I get this ideation to run away to Canada.

I would be crucified up there for my blog content and probably even mp3s taken off some internet site or ripped Youtube vids. They also have a problem with porn content there that anyone from a big city  in the US would think was tame and old news forty years ago.

I dont think it sounds fun or productive and food can be very expensive there.

My great grandfather was from there so I was thinking 'right of return'. Return to what? Canada is connected to MK Ultra via Cameron conducting work there.

True they have put out media to the public which validates MK Ultra and TI Charles Schlund claimed he sued Bush through Canada as opposed to USA somehow and didnt win a lawsuit but won a civil suit which didnt work in US becuz govt would neither comfirm nor deny existence of technologies involved.

I would be gang stalked like in any other place but it would at least fulfill my wish to no longer be associated with USA stolen Native land (at least til I can get elsewhere. I know Canada also Native lands) and no longer be part of US foriegn policy or war crimes via citizenship.

I just want to deny the US and its citizens any more of my energy and satisfaction from harassing and destroying me. Theyve watched me age and taken the best years of my life from me, I want to deny US citizens being able to take anymore.

Let some other country terrorizr me daily so as to force me to pump out loads of psychic energy and life force.

This is what the lady last year in Harvard Sq meant by TIs are sacrifices to take on the karma of the United States. Without TIs as living human sacrifices, the US would succumb to all its done to the Natives and the rest of the world and its own people.

This is why so much of what many of us have seen is ritual abuse which seems Masonic in nature. Not like the individual lodges but the US as Masonic, the govt and United States as an entity.

I havent heard of any Targets who are Survivors of mc projects etc ever relocating to another country and escaping harassment. It just starts again wherever you go....but you can have control over who gets anything from you.

You can deny your homeland or hometown the satisfaction and stop the never ending woundedness of the betrayal on that level that never heals.

Canada does NOT sound like anyplace to run to.

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