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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Christian Perv Perps/Anti Homeless Psy Ops

Short but important.

Over past year or so have been being harassed or had attempted handlers who are Christians but display red flags for either pedophilia or being perverts or and abusive of women psychologically.

This driver Im stuck with is the typical religious perv and hes attempting to be controlling. Its so hard to get rides nowit seems Im stuck with anyone offering a ride long distances who of course turns ouy tl be a perp. He does hand gesturing when we go into stores and of course theres perps in the store already who begin doing same. He onlu does this in stores.

It also seems theres a campaign to ens homelessness and the Traveler lifestyle.

I have also noticed alot of gang stalking harassers who are  hiding out posing as Travelers. So be aware.

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