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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Austin-Hypnotic Suggestions Daily To Relocate, To Very Dangerous Cities Part 2

There are too many people in the United States using the gang stalking situation that is supposed to be political for their personal or social group's purpose.

There's too many people living out ethnic revenge fantasies.
Too many men living out cultural fantasies involving women due to society's focus on Equality and consequences of sexual harassment.
Too many citizens living off the petty satisfaction of being a class above The Losers.
Too many unhappy, jealous women being able to hate a female Target with the same disregard as a reality TV personality.

America has become a spying society which is too regimented and oppressive. Americans are humans and humans are animals.
They will try to live out their true natures however they can especially if it ties into a twisted sense of patriotism nowadays.

People in a society are told what to care about and what to hate.
Everyone around the country has noticed that the latest group of 20 something Millenials to come to cities or college are anti homeless. Its standardized at this point.
Yet Jay-Z has cooed that this is the least racist generation to come up.

Empires need victims. Someone has to lose. 'We love blacks, we care about gay rights!' yet Homeless people and Targeted Individuals are ok to oppress, deny rights, abuse and basically scape goat.

And in the grand design its obvious that those blacks and gays are only being allowed on board in this culture of 'progress' becuz they are willing or trained to be part of the power structure's agenda.
And that power knew it was going to target anyone into homelessness who would be a problem for the NWO or any of the horrid classified unethical human experimentation that went on under the cover of the Bush war years and early Obama.

People are full of sh*t or easily manipulated and controlled. Its appaling how many people in this country dont respect me or take whats going on seriously. Ive learned one important thing: Bush was right, people are either for or against those in the power position.
Theres not enough good people to make up for whats mostly out here in America now.

The country has become progressively sicker from the radiation fallout from the Japan nuclear accident. I can see the change. People dont realize what's happening-to their minds and their emotional state.

I now realize that the country is also permanently damaged from the 9-11/war era and all that went with it that theres no recovering. Especially becuz they all know they have to support a lie to survive. Something of that magnitude Americans weren't ready for as a burden of secrecy I think. Remember it was a large size ritual. The toll its going to cost is very big.

The state of this country isnt going to change either.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. There is something very disturbingly haunting that seesm very real about Lina's songs. I'm suprised Howard Stern didn't get on his radio show and start mocking her death. I saw Stern on obne of those shows last night, and his part seemed so scripted. His lines all sounded rehearsed. So is he selling out now too, or has he always been a tool for the NWO arschlochs?

And as for the Iron Sheik and his Anti-American rants, I believe those could be fake as well. The thing that's so ironic, is that the Iron Sheik has become the "piece of shit American" that he so despised during his character of the Sheik just by partaking in this other-the-top phony nonsense. Think about it... what is he doing here if he hates the US so much? Why not go back to Iran where he came from, then? Or is he just fucking stupid as hell?