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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Brighting-Common And Damaging GS Tactic

They might use this a lot in the beginning of a campaign against a Target. Variations on this are using the vehicle tactics described without headlights during day-only driving off after TI spots car.

In the beginning they do this parked ouyside a Targets house.
Its also common at the end of streets when waiting to make a turn, a car will wait for TI there then driver will do gesturing or other in person harassment.
You will know its a perp becuz the car will miss opportunities to turn and wait for you to come up to the crossing in front of them and they are NOT texting or other NORMAL people's logical reasons for not taking the turn.
A way to avoid this is to
-spot them first and refuse to approach the crossing and vehicle with perp inside AT A SAFE DISTANCE SO THEY CANNOY GESTURE YOU OR OTHER EFFECTIVE HARASSMENT, then they their position is useless to their purpose.
Also if they continue to stay in that spot it becomes very obvious stalking and they draw attention of cameras, authorities, onlookers etc.

Remember the Target MUST be made to be imagining things and discredited as mentally ill so they MUST do these things quickly in public spaces. The average normal citizens mind of a democracy doesnt see these things becuz they dont know they exist and have no special training.

The other way of dealing with this is to approach the crossing and walk BEHIND the vehicle. This also ensures that the perp cannot be seen by the TI thus their actions cannot effect you.

I notice with BRIGHTING they react to the Target having a light shining back at them. A headlamp or other high lumens light is best.

These people as well as the modern American general public fear authorities, power and exposure.

Instinctually, a light facing say cars passing you the opposite direction on street at night makes all kinds of humans behave-from perps to judgemental nosey onlookers.

For perps the light from a camera is best. They fear being filmed most of all and BRIGHTING is something that comes up very clearly at night on video.

Another use of lights for harassment is flashes from cameras.
I notice this was used a lot in the beginning of my overt 24-7 campaign but hasnt been in use for years.

Now on S Congress Ave in Austin TX if i have been panhandling and done ok and weathered the perps passing by during daylight,a man will go by once its dark and use a phone or camera flash as harassment. Im sitting on sidewalk so they keep camera hanging in hand with arm down by side and simply snap camera with flash. There's no aiming camera like taking pic and thats probably on purpose so it registers as a psych warfare tactic not just a rude tourist snapping homeless people.

The use of lights in hypnotism is well documented. This line of tactics are damaging due to the use of lights AND the use of vehicles. Both afford the perps power TI doesn't have as well as behind lights they can hide.

Always GS is to make Target feel godlike entity is doing the harassment.


Anonymous said...

And walking along the sidewalk, it's not uncommon to see perps in cars doing gesturing. It's hard not to notice, because you can still see them in your peripheral vision. And if you look to the side, you can see the reflections in the store windows.

Sometimes cops will do the driving slowly as though they are checking you out. (Guaranteed if there were a perp walking, the cop would drive by normally. Remember, if you work for the man, you are allowed to get away with murder, rape, and torture, and other sick activities, like contributing to a suicide of a target. These tactics over time cause a lot of pain, the paper cuts effect, because all these little events build up over time and erode the target down.)

And it could be a perp cop stopping at a stop sign and waiting and waiting and waiting. Same deal... use the usual methods when dealing with regular perps. And if you see a perp stopped at a stop sign for long durations, it's a bad idea to react to them.. If you stop and scream at them, it seems to encourage them. At 4:00am, there are plenty of perps out. There was the semi-retarded older woman stopping at the stop sign for long periods. Again, it's out of character for normal people to be out from 3-4 AM. The reason I was out was I got off work, and I take my walk at that time. It's unlikely that an older woman would need to be out at that time, and it's obvious they are too dumb to have a career, so they couldn't have been out going to work. Usually people working night shift like that, like nurses, have a "minding their own business", "unaware" look to them. Perps, they're very obvious because of the way they act. You know, they look kind of stupid, doing gestures, smirking, and they love to have windows down so you can see they are acting snooty. These fat average looking girls had their window down so I can see they were thumbing their noses up at me. Woo-hoo, they don't have any reason to be out except to do harassment. Yah, bitches. Gives your lives meaning, eh?

The bottom line is, try not to react, but to think of a way of pissing the asshole perps doing surveillance, like ignoring, trying not to notice, getting out the camera, etc. Yelling at this one dumb retarded female old woman perp got her off. She was laughing the whole time and just not even getting bothered by my reactions. Just film or ignore. Try not to get mad, because, let's face it. Picture what the perps who do surveillance and who oversee our harassment look like. They are hidden because they obviously are not physically handsome or imposing or good-looking. They are doing bullying too because they know they are ugly and look like shrivelled toads who need to retaliate against the target they are surveilling by sending out retards.

Look, I hate to be mean like this. But sick assholes cowards are always at work in large numbers working on us like this.

Anonymous said...

These beings have one primary purpose. The ruination of mankind's soul. I will cover the many means they employ to accomplish this in future articles. They feed off of human suffering. It very literally is food for them. These are very grim topics, but ones which must be addressed.


I personally dealt with this situation when I was a law enforcement officer. I was investigating a large organization of luciferians, and they employed all of the tactics in this article to derail my investigation.