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Saturday, June 13, 2015


Anonymous said...

Once again, banning a TI from a premises where they are gangstalked and harassed is part of the plan. It's happening to many TI's now. The idea is that the TI is supposed to get the message that they are not welcome in society anymore. They don't come out and state their objectives, but at this stage right now since last year, this is one of their objectives.

And I don't understand the admiration of some people of Howard Stern. What the hell? My roomates in '91 were like, oh yeah, Howard Stern's on, like he's supposed to be so great. He just seems like a waste of space and very useless, and extremely dumb. I see him on one of those dumb talent shows, and he seems so fake and scripted. But even that's more tolerable than his pointless talk shows. I guess having him read prepared statements is supposed to give his life meaning. I heard his shows, and it just seems like he talks just to hear himself talk. Even Alex Jones is serving a purpose. What purpose does Stern serve? I suppose it could be an attempt to make the Jewish community look bad by having this rock-star looking cool dude blabbering about sexist stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've been a targeted individual for well over a year now. Before this started I was financially successful and had more "true" friends than I knew what to do with. Now I am homeless and can't get a job. I've lost everything... all my friends think I am delusional and want nothing to do with me. I hope this crime is exposed. For me my life is over...I will be looking for different buildings to jump off of. It's the only way out. I tried my hardest to be strong.