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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mobbing Is Everywhere, No Place Seems Tolerant

My reader numbers on stats are so low I think only a handful of TIs read my blog now. Im sure its mostly used now by perps who literally take anything Targetd say and use it against them in the psy ops.

All of the difficulties of the past few years must have lowered my reader base. Yet, Im more clear and realistic about my situation than ever before.

Theyve made it impossible to live as a Target in the US and still have any sort of life.

I dont know whats going on but the harassment is everywhere I go. I seem  to have absolutely no anonymity at all. There is no place I can go where I have any privacy or where there isnt a perp group either already in a location I arrive at or comes in as a mobbing There  right after I arrive.

The system is either coming after Targets now to finish us off and ensure we are completely isolated from society or my individual situation has gotten worse.
This could be due to everything that happened  last year when I went back to Cambridge MA.
There was that change in administration and the guy I dated had a a bad rep. Some things he did were also damaging to me like fooling around outside which is usually safe but once a helicopter was overhead and they seemed to be circling. It was too late by the time I really noticed that the helicopter was circling us hidden in high vegatation like reeds. They were there for some special event in Cambridge. If they filmed us, its another situation created like with my ex Jake where it was intimated films of us having sex were used as slander.

Also getting arrested after being baited heavily might have put me on the radar. Racist is a good new cover story or character assasination.

They seem to want to destroy my lifestyle and identity force me to settle and forget.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the case: they are coming after us to finish us off. Consider that TI's everywhere are getting banned from certain places. You, me, Mark M. Rich, and the TI who has the neverending1 wordpress blog. That's 4 of us, and there are certainly more.

It's to send the message that we are not welcome in society. Only perps and compliant types are welcome to do as they please, as long as they follow the system's rules. But it's easy for them to follow the system's rules, right? They aren't smart nor stronge enough to break free or rebel in the first place. So of course, it suits them well. They want us to settle down and follow the system's plans for us in society. 'Obey us, do what we want, be "good", and we will create a place for you.' That's what they're doing to me right now.